Juan Seguin
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Juan Seguin (Character)
from The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (1987) (TV)

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The Alamo (2004)
Sam Houston: Captain Seguin, your men will remain behind to guard the camp. Things will get confusing out there with men shooting any Mexican they see.
Juan Seguin: General Houston; you ordered me to stay here and I obeyed. This is our fight too.
Sam Houston: Very well. Join Sherman on the left.

Juan Seguin: [Houston is preparing to meet with the Texas Congress] They are gonna want you humble, General.
Sam Houston: I humble myself before God and there the list ends.

Juan Seguin: Davy, you said you wanted to see him. There he is: The Napoleon of the West.
David Crockett: Which one?
Juan Seguin: [points to Santa Anna on a horse in the distance]
David Crockett: That's Santa Anna?
Juan Seguin: Yeah.
David Crockett: [Santa Anna shouts to move the cannons] He's quite the peacock, ain't he?
David Crockett: [takes aim with his rifle and shoots off Santa Anna's epaulette]
David Crockett: [laughs]
David Crockett: Wind kicked up.