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Tommy Manetti (Character)
from "The Job" (2001)

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"The Job: Bathroom (#1.3)" (2001)
Tommy Manetti: [after Mike has been taken hostage in the bathroom] Oh, I can't wait to see the headlines in tomorrow's New York Post, "Copper Crapper Caper". I've got to write that down.
Tommy Manetti: I got another one, "Cop Held Craptive: Hostage Drama Flush with Danger".

"The Job: Elizabeth (#1.2)" (2001)
Tommy Manetti: You think he tagged her?
Frank Harrigan: He's kissin' her, course he tagged her.
Ruben Somarriba: He better give us the details.
Frank Harrigan: If I tagged Liz Hurley I'd be in Times Square with a megaphone the next morning giving details to the entire world. I'd have videos, Polaroids, the whole nine yards.
Jan Fendrich: If you had tagged Liz Hurley?
Frank Harrigan: It could happen under the right circumstances.
Jan Fendrich: Like if she was drugged?
Frank Harrigan: For starters.

"The Job: Sacrilege (#2.1)" (2002)
Tommy Manetti: Well, there she goes, the hot nun. It reminds me of a movie I rented once... actually, more than once.
Jan Fendrich: Oh, shut up. Okay? I barely want to know about what you do here, never mind the rest of it, you little perv.
Tommy Manetti: Oh, I'm not the only one. Frank?
Frank Harrigan: What?
Tommy Manetti: Tell her.
Frank Harrigan: Hot nuns. Oh, yeah. Huge turn-on. I had this nun in school...
Tommy Manetti: Had?
Frank Harrigan: Not that way, you sick little puke!
Tommy Manetti: I didn't want to assume.
Frank Harrigan: Sister Mary Edwards. Oh, she used to grab me by the scruff of the neck and shake me so hard, I'd forget where I lived. You know what was weird?
Tommy Manetti: What?
Frank Harrigan: I liked it.
Tommy Manetti: See.
Frank Harrigan: I looked forward to it. I used to think of it later when I was alone. If you know what I mean.
Jan Fendrich: Oh my god! You two are going to hell. I hope you enjoy it.
Frank Harrigan: We will. I hear it's a dry heat.
Tommy Manetti: All right, tell me again about the shaking - slowly.

"The Job: Foot (#1.4)" (2001)
Mike McNeill: So now we got two feet.
Frank Harrigan: Two left feet.
Tommy Manetti: So we know they're not from the same person.