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Quotes for
Captain Argall (Character)
from The New World (2005)

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The New World (2005)
Captain Argall: Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog.

Captain Argall: Captain Smith is the only professional soldier among us.
Captain Edward Wingfield: Smith, sir? What are... what are... what are his qualifications?
Captain Argall: Those you lack.

Captain John Smith: We don't take hostages. King James would not approve.
Captain Argall: You'd rather see us annihilated?
Captain John Smith: She's done enough for us. She risked a beating out of her own brains to save mine. Had she not fed us, you would have starved. She's been the instrument to preserve this colony from disaster. We shall not return her kindness by making her a captive! Come Argall, threaten me! Then I'd know I was gonna live for 1,000 years.
Captain Argall: She and her lot are on the berge of killing us all. I expect there will be scarce a handfull alive when the boats return if they ever do. You told us yourself that her father regards her as no one else. Or, do you have private reasons for this attitude of yours?
Captain John Smith: Return to your post. The penalty for disobeying an order of the president is hanging. You're breaking the laws. This is mutiny.
Captain Argall: Me breaking the laws?
Captain Argall: [shouting] I have information Smith here is planning to marry the wench and make himself King of Virginia.