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John 'Chill' McKay (Character)
from Hard Ground (2003) (TV)

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Hard Ground (2003) (TV)
[McKay refuses to join Billy after his gang has killed the men guarding the wagon in which they were being transported to prison]
Billy Bucklin: What about you?
John McKay: I'll see you in hell, Billy.
Billy Bucklin: Hell's bound to be a better place than Yuma prison.

John McKay: Just you and me?
Hutch: I got me a tracker - I need a killer.

Joshua: What the hell is she doin' here? I told her to go home!
John McKay: So did we.
Hutch: She's a little hard of hearin'.
John McKay: Stubborn, too - kinda like you, I hear.

John McKay: Mr. Hutchinson, you realize, of course, that what you're asking is for you and I and the boy and the girl to do exactly what got me into Yuma prison?
Hutch: I know.

John McKay: Well, they're still pullin' that paymaster's wagon. Must be headin' for Tortuga.
Hutch: Franco.
Joshua: Who's that?
Hutch: Not who, what.
John McKay: A place where gold and guns make the law, boy.

Hutch: The only thing to do with a den of rattlesnakes is to stomp it shut or blow it closed.
John McKay: Kind of like Yuma prison, although not as bad.

John McKay: What the hell is he doing here?
Hutch: Savin' your sorry ass!

Hutch: What the hell is she doin' here?
John McKay: Savin' our sorry asses!

Hutch: That's a full pardon that's been signed by the governor and notorized and now it's on fire!
John McKay: You know, Hutch, I told you I wouldn't go back to Yuma prison. Either way, I don't fit in... I don't fit in this century - and it won't be long before you don't fit in, either. I kinda like Mexico. I swore before I died I was going to see the ocean.
[scoops up a handful of coins]
John McKay: I'm going to keep this for services rendered.
Hutch: And rendered rather well, I might add.

[last lines]
John McKay: Miss Elizabeth Kennedy...
Elizabeth: Yes, sir?
John McKay: Take good care of my boy.
Hutch: He ain't a boy, he's a full-grown man!