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Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire (Character)
from "Arthur" (1996)

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"Arthur: Buster's Breathless/The Fright Stuff (#4.3)" (1999)
Muffy Crosswire: We're sorry, but there was really...
Ed Crosswire: No more. Go have fun.
Muffy Crosswire: [to Arthur] Boy! Am I ever done with pranks? I don't care how much you pranked me.
Arthur Timothy Read: I'm not pranking anyone ever.

Muffy Crosswire: [running down the stairs after being frightened by a child ghost with a pumpkin head] A real life ghost, upstairs!
Ed Crosswire: Muffy, this isn't the time or place for your silly pranks.
Arthur Timothy Read: It's not a prank, sir!
Buster Baxter: No! We were upstairs pulling a prank on the girls!
Francine Frensky: And we were pulling a prank on the boys!

Muffy Crosswire: Arthur! You're going to miss the story.
Arthur Timothy Read: I... I was looking for you.
Muffy Crosswire: What for?
Arthur Timothy Read: I heard a weird noise upstairs.
Muffy Crosswire: You did? Where?
Arthur Timothy Read: In the library. Come on, I'll show you.
Francine Frensky: [whispers to Muffy] He's going to walk right into our prank. It's too perfect.

"Arthur: I'm a Poet/The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club! (#1.28)" (1997)
Binky: [reciting his poem at the poetry reading] People think I can't write a poem, but they are so wrong, I can write a poem. I wrote this one, I wrote this poem, and I gave it the title Binky's poem. So shut up! The end!
Muffy: That's no a poem. He rhymed "poem" with "poem" four times!
Fern Walters: It was great. Yay Binky!