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Bill Ringstrom (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: The Accidental Jurist (#3.12)" (1989)
Abby Perkins: Are you married? Is it true?
Bill Ringstrom: Yes.
Abby Perkins: Do you have any kids?
Bill Ringstrom: Two boys.
Abby Perkins: You jerk! You scummy jerk! I supposed I'm to sit still after 16 dates between us because your wife doesn't understand me?
Bill Ringstrom: My wife and I have accumulated our grievances, but I don't know anyone who has been married for 12 years who hasn't. We are a happy couple living in Pomona without central air conditioning as can be.
Abby Perkins: You lied to me! At the heart of all this, you are a liar!
Bill Ringstrom: I didn't lie. You never asked me. Hey, you are the one who set the conditions when we began dating. No histories. No dark colors. I kept waiting for you to ask me personal questions. Some sign of curiosity. Not if I was married, but about anything for that matter. Like where I went when I left the hotel room. How come we didn't see each other at night? I just followed your lead.
Abby Perkins: If I had asked you if you were married, would you have told me the truth?
Bill Ringstrom: I thought about it enough. Yeah... I probably would have. Abigail, I don't blame you for being mad, but believe me... I did not go looking for this. It just happened and I don't want it to end. I'm a decent guy who is totally over matched by what is between us.
Abby Perkins: Decent? Decent guys do not go screwing around on their wives.