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Quotes for
Noah (Character)
from Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008)

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"Noah's Arc: Baby Can I Hold You (#2.7)" (2006)
Noah: Ricky, I'm fine, okay? Just go home. I don't need you babysitting me.
Ricky: Yes, you do, Noah. You're not invincible. You could have died, don't you get it? When you were in that hospital, I realized that I care about you so much.
[starts to break down]
Ricky: But I've never told you what you mean to me... that I love you.
Noah: Ricky, I love you too.

Wade: This bottle's almost full.
Noah: I don't like taking pain pills.
Wade: Masochist, huh?
Noah: I just don't like to be numb...

Wade: Today really took a lot out of you, huh?
[Noah nods, Wade starts to break down]
Wade: I'm sorry. I just got so mad. I wanted to kill those guys. Make 'em feel some of what they put you through.
[breaks down further]
Wade: I should have been there, Noah. I should have been there. I wasn't there to protect you... and I'll never forgive myself for that.
Noah: [in a weak voice] It's... it's not your fault. It's okay, Wade.
[ignores cell call from Quincy]
Wade: [muffled] It's not...
Noah: [more assertive voice] It's not your fault. It's not your fault, baby.

Alex: Child, Gay folks ain't got nobody but Jesus.
Noah: Not even...

"Noah's Arc: Excuses for Bad Behavior (#2.4)" (2006)
Baby Gat: What's wrong, where you going?
Noah: You just dragged me to the middle of a shootout with a cross-eyed drug dealer, and you're asking me what's wrong?
Baby Gat: Stop talking Bollocks.
Noah: What?
Baby Gat: Bollocks... balls.

Noah: We need to set some ground rules?
Baby Gat: Rules?
Noah: No blunts. No beating up on drug dealers... or anyone else for that matter. And no calling anyone a tosser, or a wanker, or a bullocks, or whatever. Understood?
Baby Gat: You're quite butch, ain't it?

Noah: Quincy, what are you doing here?
Quincy: Quincy, in a gallery, what next? Book learning. I'm here to check out the Da Vinci while it's still on loan.
Noah: What do you think?
Quincy: [looking at Noah while he looks the other way] Small... but beatuiful.
[Noah looks back at Qunicy]
Quincy: Oh, you meant the Da Vinci...

Ricky: You manage to dump Dennis the Menace to Society?
Noah: I wish. I had to leave him with a Baby Gat-sitter.

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008)
Noah: So we release them, and then?
Brandon: They fly away?
Wade: This time of year, wouldn't they just freeze to death?
Ricky: The perfect metaphor for the joys of marriage.

Ricky: I love you. Not as a friend or as a girlfriend, more than that. And every guy I meet pales in comparison, they're just bodies. I love you. And the words burn to my mouth because I know you don't love me.
Noah: Ricky...
Ricky: Not that way, I know. It's my burden and I'm sorry if it sometimes makes me act like a jerk. But I know one thing.
Noah: What?
Ricky: I will always have your back. Always. And I know something else. You love Wade.

Noah: I'm sorry.
Wade: I'm sorry too. You know nothing happened, just a drunken kiss.
Noah: Same with Baby Gat... minus the kiss.

Noah: When I first saw you, it wasn't love at first sight. You were intriguing, fascinating, remarkable. But you were straight, or so I thought. Or so you thought.
[all chuckle]
Noah: But my love for you grew quietly, just past the corner of my eye. Watered by time, in tears, in kisses. I knew I loved you when just the sight of you pierced me with a fear and longing beyond lust. When I wanted to give you the world, and receive nothing in return, but your smile. And this I will do for you, and this I'll do for us. Be kind, be honest, be fearless, be true. I will be your port in the storm and your shield in the battle. And when the time comes for us to go to the long home of our ancestors, I will dance with you there.

"Noah's Arc: Under Pressure (#2.6)" (2006)
Noah: So, I've been invited to go on the Darnell Damone Show, to talk about 'Fine Art.' Quincy wants me to stand up as this proud Nubian Fag Warrior, and defy the straight world. Brandy wants me to Uncle Tom about how much I love making the script heterosexual. Of course, none of this would be an issue if Baby Gat would just play the character gay.

Wade: This is classic you, Noah. You want to have your cake and eat it too.
Noah: No, I...
Wade: You want to be the good guy and make everybody happy, while you just do what you want anyway.
Wade: Why are you here, man? What advice do you think I can possibly give you?
Noah: I don't know. I guess I just thought...
Wade: Why don't you sleep with someone else? That usually solves your problems.
[Dre enters room]
Noah: [Noah gets up to leave] . Thanks for the advice, Wade. Hi, Dre.
[Turns back to Wade]
Noah: I guess you're right. I can't have my cake and eat it too. It's time to take it on the chin.

Noah: Ricky? What's going on?
Alex: Eddie got fired for helping a dyke...
[Chance hits Alex]
Chance: Lesbian...

"Noah's Arc: My One Temptation: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2005)
Noah: Wow, Wade. That's one big truck. Hope you're not compensating for anything.
Wade: Nah, playa. It's all good in my hood.

Noah: Not everyone shares your life mission to paint enough backsides to fill a football stadium.

Alex: Did you sleep with him?
Ricky: It's against company policy.
Noah: Was it against company policy with Michael, Darius, Wesley, Giancarlo...
Ricky: It's a new policy. No sexual relations with employees. I haven't slept with him, and I won't.

"Noah's Arc: Housequake (#2.1)" (2006)
Dre: When I first met my man, he was rebounding from this real bitch. I mean dude had it messed up in the worst way. But you know what, he got over it, and now it's tight. So sometimes rebound relationships really do work.
Ricky: And how does your man feel about you slugging cocktails shirtless at "The Punk Bar?"
Dre: Why don't you ask him that yourself. Here he is now.
Wade: Noah?
Noah: Wade.
Dre: Noah! The Noah?
Ricky: The bitch himself.

Malik: You know, I really don't get you.
Noah: That makes two of us.

"Noah's Arc: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over (#2.2)" (2006)
Noah: God, Trey's been back from Africa for a month already, and they're still having sex ten times a day.
Ricky: Yeah, can't they make due with five times a day like normal people?

Chance: Make him hear you. Talk to him.
Noah: Thank you, Dr. Phil. But I don't even know where he lives anymore.
Chance: You're welcome, Oprah. But we do know where he works.

"Noah's Arc: I'm with Stupid (#1.8)" (2005)
Noah: He's way too new in the gay-borhood. And...
Ricky: What? Spit it out.
Noah: As much as I hate to admit it, I'm still not entirely convinced he won't go back to girls.

"Noah's Arc: Got 'til It's Gone (#1.9)" (2005)
Noah: Shouldn't we talk about this?
Wade: Talk? I can't even look at you. I'm going to get my stuff from your place and move into a hotel.
Noah: So what, you hate me now?
Wade: I don't hate you, Noah... I love you.

"Noah's Arc: Love Is a Battlefield (#1.7)" (2005)
Alex: Ricky, why in the hell haven't you had a HIV test... ever?
Noah: What Alex means is, don't panic. I'm sure even that will be fine.
Ricky: I'm not worried. I always assumed it would be an eventuality anyway. You have as much sex as I do, it's a... occupational hazard, right?

"Noah's Arc: Desperado (#2.3)" (2006)
Noah: I can't do this. I can't make this script straight.
Ricky: Since when were you such an idealist? Do what they want, take the money and run.
Noah: No, I mean *I can't* do it. I guess I just don't have what it takes to be a whore.
Alex: [sarcastically] Huh!

"Noah's Arc: Writing to Reach You (#1.6)" (2005)
Noah: How is the sex?
Ricky: We didn't have sex.
Chance: What do you mean, "didn't have sex?"
Ricky: We didn't have sex. We just talked.
Noah: Are you all right? Are you feverish?
Ricky: I guess we're just friends.

"Noah's Arc: Don't Mess with My Man (#1.3)" (2005)
Noah: So, how's the new guy working out?
Ricky: Perfect, he's very organized.
Noah: And cute.
Ricky: Great salesman.
Noah: And he's cute.
Ricky: It's his first day, and he's already sold more than my last guy did in a week.
Noah: And he's cute.

"Noah's Arc: Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent (#1.5)" (2005)
Wade: Until you're making paper, what you have is a hobby. I'm not trying to be mean.
Noah: Wow, you're not even trying.