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Melba Wooley (Character)
from Pinky (1949)

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Pinky (1949)
Melba Wooley: Cousin Em, what do you mean, gettin' sick like this?
Miss Em: When you're eighty years old, you expect to be sick. Sit down.
Melba Wooley: Now, now. Naughty, naughty. Eighty years *young* is what we say.
Miss Em: I don't. It's old, and I won't have it minimized. Takes a lot of livin' to get there, and pure, cursed endurance. Eighty years young indeed!

Melba Wooley: What an idea to make a will. Why, you'll live years and years, dear!
Miss Em: Pinky's a nurse. She graduated from one of the best hospitals up yonder. Let's ask her. Think I should be makin' my will?
Patricia 'Pinky' Johnson: Well, if you were ever gonna make a will, Miss Em, it's time you were getting it done.
Miss Em: There, Melba. There's a nurse's opinion. Very sensible, especially as it agrees with my own.