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Stroker Ace (Character)
from Stroker Ace (1983)

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Stroker Ace (1983)
Charlie: What's so bad about second?
Stroker Ace, Lugs Harvey: Screw Second!

Stroker Ace: [asking about the previous night's encounter between Torkle and Pembrook] What DID happen between you two?
Pembrook Feeney: [Pembrook and Lugs roll out from under Stroker's race car on creepers] He just made me mad, that's all, so I kicked him in the scrotum.
[Pembrook rolls back under the car]
Stroker Ace: Scrotum?
Lugs Harvey: What's a scrotum?
Stroker Ace: I dunno.
Lugs Harvey: I think I'll find out.
[Lugs rolls back under the car]
Lugs Harvey: Pembrook, what's a scr...
[sound of tools crashing]

Stroker Ace: What are you doin' now, Dad?
Dad Seegle: Oh, I make jewelry.
[Dad shows a piece of jewelry to Stroker and Pembrook]
Stroker Ace: Oh, that's real pretty, isn't it? What do you make it out of?
Dad Seegle: Organic matter? Manure.
Stroker Ace: Kinda makes you the Cartier of ca-ca.

Man in Bar: Come on, damnit, we wanna hear a *cluck*!
Stroker Ace: Who gives a cluck?

Stroker Ace: [Punches Aubrey James] Take that, 12.
Lugs Harvey, Pembrook Feeney: 10.
Stroker Ace: Whatever.

Stroker Ace: The son of a bitch hit me and spun me out. I can't remember his name.
NASCAR Driver: You never can, can you?
Stroker Ace: Anyway, he spun me out. What do you think I should do with him?
NASCAR Driver: I think you ought to stick him in the fence.
Stroker Ace: Good idea, Neil.
[Aubrey drives up]
Stroker Ace: Well, speak of the devil.
Aubrey James: Mr. Bonnett. Stroker.
Stroker Ace: Hello, Audrey.
Aubrey James: Aubrey!
Stroker Ace: Whatever.
Aubrey James: You won't have trouble remembering my name after tomorrow.
Stroker Ace: I know your name; Audrey Meadows.
Aubrey James: Audrey JAMES! AUBREY James! Shmuck!
[Drives off]
NASCAR Driver: Stick him in the wall.
Stroker Ace: I'm Gonna.

Stroker Ace: Lugs, who's driving number 10?
Lugs Harvey: What are you talkin' about? You ought to know who that is, it's Aubrey James. He's only been tryin' to kill you for two years!

Stroker Ace: I thought all actors were egotistical hypochondriac sissies.
Doc Seegle: Well, they are. But I like'em.