Marshal Buck Roberts
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Marshal Buck Roberts (Character)
from Forbidden Trails (1941)

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Arizona Bound (1941)
Bunion: [watching Buck read a telegram] Bad news? Anybody dead?
Marshal Buck Roberts: [laconically] Not yet.

Steve Taggert: [approaching him the local saloon] Howdy, Doc.
Marshal Buck Roberts: Howdy.
Steve Taggert: Long time, no see.
Marshal Buck Roberts: That's right.
Steve Taggert: Last time we were together we were holdin' hands, remember?
Marshal Buck Roberts: Yeah! Yeah, I remember. You were handcuffed to me.

Steve Taggert: The law hasn't been so lucky around here lately.
Marshal Buck Roberts: It looks kinda peaceful to me.
Steve Taggert: Well, we serve sassparilla for those who like it peaceful.
Marshal Buck Roberts: Whatta yuh say we have one?
Steve Taggert: Why not?
[They approach the bartender]

Marshal Buck Roberts: [as the townsmen are tearung boards from the sheriff's office door] Don't look like it's been used recently.
Townsman: Not since the sheriff was shot two years ago, but it'll hold you.

Riders of the West (1942)
Marshal Buck Roberts: [to Red, whom he has just beaten to the ground] Now, if you move away from here and I'll kick your teeth right down your throat.

Marshal Buck Roberts: Let me see those credentials.
Marshal Tim McCall: [disguiesed as an investigatotor from the Cattlemaen's Association] I don'r see any signs of a badge on you anywhere.

Ghost Town Law (1942)
Marshal Buck Roberts: [ssrcastically as a backhanded complenent to Pawnee] Must keep you pretty busy keepin' all that stuff polished up!

Marshal Buck Roberts: [to Tim and Sandy] Well, come on, Rough Riders!

The Gunman from Bodie (1941)
Wyatt: Hey, wait a minute - haven't I seen you begore somewheres?
Marshal Buck Roberts, alias Bob 'Bodie' Bronson: Merbbe...
Wyatt: You don't happen to chew gum, do yuh?
Marshal Buck Roberts, alias Bob 'Bodie' Bronson: Gum? When I start chewin' gum, I'll stop packin' my gums.

Forbidden Trails (1941)
Marshal Buck Roberts: [to Jim] Say, fella. if Mary's the kind of gal you say she is, she loves you for what you are, not what you were.