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Captain Hank Cooper (Character)
from "Celebrity Playhouse" (1955)

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"Celebrity Playhouse: Diamonds in the Sky (#1.12)" (1955)
Captain Hank Cooper: Okay, Bill, it's about time you learned to fly one of these things. Take over.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: You mean you're going to let me drive, Daddy?
Captain Hank Cooper: Well, you'll going to have to learn sometime.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: What'll I do?
Captain Hank Cooper: Just fool around with it. It'll come to you.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: [gesturing towards the airplane's control panel] But all those lights and things!
Captain Hank Cooper: Pay no attention to them.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: Is it hydromatic?
Captain Hank Cooper: No. No, you gotta shift gears.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: Well, which one is the cigarette lighter, Daddy?
Captain Hank Cooper: [Hank momentarily freezes] Oh, sorry, Bill. Did I drop behind on the jokes?

Captain Hank Cooper: I'm going to go back and mingle with the paying customers. Let's see now, where did I put that confident smile?
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: What can happen when the pilot is smiling?
Captain Hank Cooper: Exactly. Keep her on the road, William.
Co-Pilot Bill Feldman: Hey, where do I turn left?

Captain Hank Cooper: Nina! The last time I saw you, you were sliding out the bomb-bay door of my fighter-bomber somewhere over France... 1940...
Nina: Please! No counting.