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Hopalong Cassidy (Character)
from The Eagle's Brood (1935)

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Three Men from Texas (1940)
Hopalong Cassidy: Do you remember where the marshal's office is?
California Carlson: Down the next block, if someone hasn't stolen it.

California Carlson: I reckon you think I'm plumb loco, huh?
Hopalong Cassidy: Certainly not. Why, there's nothin' loco about a man tryin' to get a burro to raise his hands.

[The Gardner Gang has Hoppy and California trapped in a cross-fire]
Hopalong Cassidy: Ain't nervous are you?
California Carlson: Unh-unh. Just scared.

Hopalong Cassidy: There's no braver man than a scared one when he's cornered.

Hopalong Cassidy: How far is it into the town?
California Carlson: Oh, maybe six or seven miles as the crow flies, but us not bein' crows, we'll cover about ten between here and there.

Call of the Prairie (1936)
[to Johnny, who has a bad hangover]
Hopalong Cassidy: You look like the tail end of a hard winter.

Hopalong Cassidy: You don't seem to know much, do you?
Linda McHenry: I'm not the one who's lost.

[Hoppy has emerged from a gunfight]
Johnny Nelson: You okay, Hoppy?
Hopalong Cassidy: Sure! Just smoked up a bit.

Johnny Nelson: I guess I've been about the biggest fool in the world.
Hopalong Cassidy: You're not the first, nor the last.

[last lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: Well, Miss Linda, it looks like you'll need some help around here.
Johnny Nelson: Just leave it to me, Hoppy!
Hopalong Cassidy: That's just what I'm afraid of.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Black Waters (#1.21)" (1952)
Red Connors: You know, Hoppy, the longer I hang around with you, the less I know what's in your mind.
Hopalong Cassidy: That goes two ways - double!

Blaine Turner: Now, Betty and I will each file on a homestead right here. Sheriff, you and your men can file on the surrounding sites.
[Hoppy and his men enter Turner's room with their pistols drawn]
Hopalong Cassidy: Get a look at these sights first. Get your hands up!

Red Connors: What am I going to do with this hat? I paid eight dollars for it.
Hopalong Cassidy: Give it to your sister.
Red Connors: Aw, you know I ain't got no sister.
Hopalong Cassidy: Well, maybe you will have a sister.
Red Connors: Well, how am I ever going to have a sister? I ain't even got a father and mother.

[last lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: Just to save any argument, I'll give you eight dollars.
Red Connors: No, you keep it. I got eight dollars of excitement out of it. Here - here's a present for you, Maggie Two Foot.

[first lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: [voice-over] My saddle pal, Red Connors, and I were riding deep in the heart of the Sierra Blanca country on a strange mission. A week ago, the assistant chief of the Bureau of Indian Affairs had sent for me. And in his office in Santa Fe, New Mexico...

North of the Rio Grande (1937)
'Lucky' Jenkins: As far as I'm concerned, the law killed Buddy.
'Windy' Halliday: [after a pause] Watcha gonna do about it, Hoppy?
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [after another pause] Whatta you think?
'Windy' Halliday: Ah, by crickety, I'm with yeh!
'Hopalong' Cassidy: I ain't hankering to get you into trouble, Windy.
'Windy' Halliday: Awww, trouble don't mean nuthin' to me.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [smiling slightly] All right, you figure it out while I get my riggin'.
'Windy' Halliday: [to Lucky after Hoppy has left] Trouble? Why, I was hatched in trouble! Born on an open range in a howlin' blizzard! Cut my teeth on a gun barrel! Fed on cactus soup til I was six! Peh, he talks about herdin' me into trouble! Peh, heh, ha, huh!

Croupier: Number eight on the black.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: That's me again.
Faro Annie: Well, Bill, you must have been born with a silver horseshoe in your mouth!
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [humorously] Why, Annie, you ain't insinuatin' I got a big mouth, are you?
Faro Annie: [flirtatiously] Big or little, good-lookin', you got a nice mouth.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [he smiles]

'Hopalong' Cassidy: Say, are you the big chief around here, or are you talkin' for somebody else?
'Ace' Crowder: I'm the big chief's right hand man.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: Oh... right hand man, hunh? That's fine...
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [he walks toward the door and turns] You get this, Crowder - I don't do business with anybody's right hand man!
[he leaves and slams the door behind him]

Hopalong Cassidy Returns (1936)
Editor Bob Saunders: [dying] I want you to help make this part of the country a fit place for people to live.
Hopalong Cassidy: [solemnly] I'll do my best, Bob.

Hopalong Cassidy: [threatingly to one of the gang] Don't you start anything unless you can pick it up!

[last lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: Some women folk have a way of changing a man's mind without him even knowin' it. Funny...
Windy Halliday: Yeah, ain't it?

Texas Masquerade (1944)
John Martindale: I was tryin' to dig this well when they came.
Hopalong Cassidy: [grabbing a handful of soil and smelling it] You have any trouble diggin' this stuff?
John Martindale: Always! Black gumbo keeps oozin' into the hole.
Hopalong Cassidy: This is why Trimble wants your ranch and all the other land in the valley.
California Carlson: You mean that smelly stuff?
Jimmy Rogers: What's it good for?
Hopalong Cassidy: [laughs] There's a young fellah in the East can tell yuh. He's on his way to bein' the richest man in the world on account of it. His name is Rockefeller... John D!

Hopalong Cassidy: [being held under gunpoint by a vengeful Nolan] Well, why don't you get it over with?
Sam Nolan: I'm waitin' for you to beg me not to kill yuh.
Hopalong Cassidy: Don't make it would do much good now.
Sam Nolan: I'm not so sure about that. When a man's dead, nuthin' hurts no more. There must be somethin' that hurts worse than just killin'.

Hopalong Cassidy: Hold onto this land. Never sell Texas short. You know, what's under the ground might some day be more important to America than what's above it.

Sunset Trail (1938)
Superintendent: It's a simple matter of justice, Hoppy. These killers are ruthless. This last murder is the climax of many such cases that's happened on the Silver Trail.
Hopalong Cassidy: Yes, I know. Some day those little trails out there are gonna become big highways. If we all stick together, we can make them a lot safer.

Hopalong Cassidy: But, it's a funny thing. All big killers have ways of getting out of jail doors.
Superintendent: They don't have any luck getting out of the cemetary gate once they're planted.
Hopalong Cassidy: I guess that's the best place to put 'em.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Blind Encounter (#1.22)" (1952)
Carmencita Escobar: What you hombres want?
Red Connors: I'd like a tall glass of fizz water with a little cherry syrup in it.
Carmencita Escobar: We have beer, wine and whiskey. That's all!
Red Connors: No sarsaparilla?
Carmencita Escobar: Are you making jokes? This is a place of business. What for you, Senor?
Hopalong Cassidy: Information.

Poynter: What's your pitch, Mister?
Hopalong Cassidy: The answer is none of your business.
Andrews: We're makin' it our business. Manuel was our friend.
Red Connors: You don't strike me as the kind that'd have any friends.

"Hopalong Cassidy: The Vanishing Herd (#1.24)" (1952)
[Hoppy and Red are fighting with a Nelson's henchmen]
Hopalong Cassidy: How ya doin', Red?
Red Connors: I got a stubborn one who won't go down.
Hopalong Cassidy: Well, try lettin' him loose. Maybe he'll just fall down.
[Red releases Dillon's collar and the henchman slumps to the floor]

Hopalong Cassidy: Put that bottle down!
Nelson Whitley: Not until I've cleared you out of here.
Hopalong Cassidy: Are you going to behave yourself, or am I going to have to turn you over my knee and spank you?

Border Patrol (1943)
'Hopalong' Cassidy: We're Texas Rangers, and we have authority to enter any town in the state.
Henchman Quinn: Nobody enters Silver Bullet without a warrant from Sheriff Krebs!
Johnny Travers: Did he give you a warrant to shoot a Mexican in the head?
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [after Quinn fires at them] There's your answer!
[they ride off quickly]

'Hopalong' Cassidy: I'm Cassidy of the Texas Rangers.
Mayor Orestes Krebs: You are trespassin', Mr. Cassidy.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: Not according to the laws of Texas.
Mayor Orestes Krebs: I don't recognize the laws of Texas. I am the law here.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Marked Cards (#1.19)" (1952)
Hopalong Cassidy: Just between us, how long had Lewis been using a marked deck?
Jack Gardner: I don't know, Cassidy, but he's had those in his desk for six months.
Hopalong Cassidy: Are these the same kind of cards he had in the game when he was shot?
Jack Gardner: Yeah. Take a look at the markings - they're perfect. Not one chance in a million of anyone finding out about it.
Hopalong Cassidy: Coates found out about it.
Jack Gardner: Well, that's that chance in a million.

Tommy Lewis: Gee, Hoppy, I know you're doin' what's best for me, but I hate to leave you and Red.
Red Connors: I don't know what's the matter with you, Tommy. Here you gotta chance to get an education and be a big doctor or a lawyer or somethin'.
Tommy Lewis: I don't want to be a big doctor or lawyer or somethin'. I'd rather stay here and be just like you.
Hopalong Cassidy: Oh, not that, Tommy! Not that!

Bar 20 (1943)
California Carlson: I'm worried
Lin Bradley: What are you worried about?
California Carlson: What chance have we got when the shooting starts?
Hopalong Cassidy: We'll have as good a chance as Quirt had.
California Carlson: Sure and look what happened to him! A man that would get himself killed to prove a point has got a mule beat for stubbornness.

California Carlson: You know, Hoppy, sometimes I wish I was a cow.
Hopalong Cassidy: Why?
California Carlson: Well, they always seem to be standin' knee deep in somethin' tuh eat.
[he laughs]
Hopalong Cassidy: [playing dumb] I don't get it.
California Carlson: [after doing a take] You don't get it?
Hopalong Cassidy: [Hoppy laughs heartily]

False Colors (1943)
Hopalong Cassidy: [referring to imposter Kit Moyer] I got a feeling that boy isn't in this alone.
Jimmy Rogers: You mean someone else is pulling the strings?
Hopalong Cassidy: My hunch seems to run that way. At least we're not tipping our hand just yet.
California Carlson: And what's our next move, Hoppy? I'm just itchin' fer action.
Hopalong Cassidy: Ease down, you old fire-eater. If I'm not far wrong, you'll get plenty of action and soon.

Hopalong Cassidy: Your ears didn't fool yuh.
California Carlson: Nuthin' escapes me. I got ears like a mule.
Hopalong Cassidy: Something to that too!
California Carlson: [California realizes he has been insulted and does a double take]

"Hopalong Cassidy: Ghost Trails (#1.18)" (1952)
Deacon Denby: Oh Brother Connors, you were born to be a man of violence. Will you never learn that the meek shall inherit the earth?
Red Connors: I know all about that: the men who live by the gun will die by the gun thing.
Hopalong Cassidy: You mean those who live by the sword, don't you, Red?
Red Connors: Well, swords or guns - it's all the same.
Hopalong Cassidy: Ever try to shoot a sword?
Red Connors: Well, the only meek ones I ever knew end up only inheriting a small plot of earth - about six by four.

[first lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: First it had been the Bonanza Mine over near Mesa City. They had held that up in broad daylight and got away with more than twenty thousand dollars worth of gold. Three nights later they held up the owner of the Silver Dollar gambling hall in Verde and got away with over ten thousand dollars. And four nights ago they had hit the bank at Big Rock city for their biggest haul, and killed the night watchman as well. All this had happened within ten days, within 50 miles of the town of Twin Rivers. So, because there had been Army money stolen from the bank at Big Rock, the government had asked me and my saddle pal, Red Connors, to step in.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Don Colorado (#1.20)" (1952)
[Red suffers from amnesia]
Red Connors: You still insist we are friends, amigo?
Hopalong Cassidy: Yeah, but that could change any minute if you don't come along quietly.

Silent Conflict (1948)
California Carlson: [Talking in his sleep] I now pronounce you man and wife.
Hopalong Cassidy: California, wake up!
California Carlson: Sweetheart!
[He throws his arms around Hoppy]
Hopalong Cassidy: What are you doing?
California Carlson: Excuse me. You ain't the bride!

"Hopalong Cassidy: Lawless Legacy (#1.26)" (1952)
[Hoppy and Red capture two frightened youngsters who tried to scare them away by firing at them]
Hopalong Cassidy: You know, shootin' from ambush is a bad habit. You may not live long enough to outgrow it.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Guns Across the Border (#1.13)" (1952)
[Hoppy breaks up a fight between Red and Daly]
Hopalong Cassidy: On your way, Daly.
Daly: You want to cut in on this deal?
Hopalong Cassidy: Not unless I'm invited.
Daly: What's the matter? Yellow?
Hopalong Cassidy: That's an invitation.
[Hoppy slugs Daly]

"Hopalong Cassidy: Tricky Fingers (#2.26)" (1954)
[first lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: [voice-over] Red Connors and I had ridden the 50 miles from the town of Twin Rivers to attend the funeral of my old friend Clem Watson, sheriff of Pima County. Clem's death had come as the climax of a strange series of bank burglaries in the surrounding counties, each spaced exactly a month apart. And in each, the method of operation would be the same. An elderly woman would come into the bank to open an account. That night, someone would break into the bank, manipulate the combination to the safe, and make off with its contents. But not until the robbery of the bank in Pima City, had the old lady been connected with the burglaries. Two days ago, the banker there advised the woman on some investments. That evening, returning to his office to take care of some unfinished work...

Santa Fe Marshal (1940)
[Doc Tate wants Hoppy to join his medicine show as a guitar-playing troubadour]
Doc Rufus Tate: All cowboys nowadays play guitar.
Hopalong Cassidy: Well, this is one cowboy that never played a gee-tar and never will.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Masquerade for Matilda (#2.22)" (1954)
[first lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: [voice-over] It was one of those hot, windless days when you feel like you're being smothered in wool flannel, and even the air seems stale and kind of second-hand. We were determined to find a new and shorter route to drive our cattle to the railhead. Red and I had been riding since sunup. We were hot and tired, so we decided to rest for a few minutes.

Forty Thieves (1944)
Hopalong Cassidy: You'll leave, all right: riding, walking or feet first.

Law of the Pampas (1939)
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [reacting to a knife that has been thrown at him by Slim] Where I come from, we don't like people that throw knives at men's backs.
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [after he knocks him down with a punch] That'll remind you not to do it again.

Riders of the Deadline (1943)
California Carson: Where yuh goin', Hoppy?
Hopalong Cassidy: Whatta you care?
Hopalong Cassidy: The Ranger Service! Forty dollars a month and free taps when you die! It's all yours! You can have it!... And this Captain Jennings we're supposed to respect! I'd have gotten a better deal from any sidewinding half-breed in the country!
Ranger Captain Jennings: [suddenly appearing] Kind of sneaky, isn't it, talking about a man when his back is turned!
Hopalong Cassidy: Well, your back isn't turned now!
[he slaps Jennings across the face]
Ranger Captain Jennings: We'll just make that suspension permanent.
[he takes Hoppy's badge]
Hopalong Cassidy: That's all right with me!
[he leaves]

Rustlers' Valley (1937)
Cal Howard: [with virulence to Hoppy] Don't feel safe without your guns - even at a paty, eh?
'Hopalong' Cassidy: [mockingly] Well, I'll tell yuh, I thought it was a costume party, so I came dressed as a badman.
Cal Howard: Well, bad men, whether they're bandits or bank robbers are not wanted here.

"Hopalong Cassidy: Twisted Trails (#2.4)" (1953)
[first lines]
Hopalong Cassidy: [voice-over] This is Arizona, over a hundred thousand square miles in mountains, desert, and plains. Raising cattle is the big business. Right now it's in pretty bad shape. A drought started early in the year. Streams and waterholes have dried up. That's why Red Connors and I are here. Herb Dougherty, an old friend of ours who went into the banking business after he made a rich gold strike, had sent for us. He's in Little Rock Basin, the cattle-raising center of Arizona.

"Hopalong Cassidy: The Trap (#1.15)" (1952)
[last lines]
Norman Blaine: Hoppy, how can I ever thank you enough?
Christine Russell: Or I?
Hopalong Cassidy: You don't have to. Just be happy in the fact that your troubles are over.
Red Connors: You're wrong there, Hoppy. Norman's troubles aren't over yet.
Norman Blaine: Why, how do you figure?
Red Connors: Easy enough. You're gettin' married, ain't ya?