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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Baggage (#10.18)" (2009)
Donald Cragen: [to the Chief of Detectives] My squad can close this.
Chief of Detectives: You think your squad can close it. I know Moran will.
Donald Cragen: You just got promoted and your first order as Chief of Detectives is to bend me over my desk?

Chief of Detectives: [to Cragen] You want to tell me what the hell's going on? I'm pretty sure I took you off this case.
Donald Cragen: We had a lead and ran it.
Chief of Detectives: Without informing Moran.
Elliot Stabler: Guy says he likes to work alone.
Chief of Detectives: I don't believe I was talking to you, Detective. Well, the word is out. The press blindsided me about a serial killer loose in the city and the DNA he left behind.
Donald Cragen: Then we have a leak.
Chief of Detectives: Come on. You're pissed off. This is SVU grandstanding and now you've got a pooch-screw.
Donald Cragen: It's anything but, sir. And in case you're interested, we have a suspect in custody.
Chief of Detectives: Did he confess?
Odafin Tutuola: We're still talking to him.
Chief of Detectives: Which means no.
Elliot Stabler: We'll get it done, Chief.
Chief of Detectives: You didn't even know about the other victims until Moran set you straight. He linked these cases together on his own time with a kid in the hospital.
Odafin Tutuola: What do you want us to do?
Chief of Detectives: Bring him up to speed. Then mind your own damn business.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Shadow (#11.12)" (2010)
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: [to Cragen] Your pet cops finally went off the deep end. Arresting Anne Gillette at her parents' funeral?
Donald Cragen: They were obeying my direct orders, sir.
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: You knew I ordered Detective Ramsey to close his case.
Donald Cragen: I didn't think that trumped a double homicide.
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: This isn't a moment for you to think. Your detectives didn't arrest Anne Gillette for murder. Penny ante witness tampering is all I heard.
Donald Cragen: For now.
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: And you can prove that she's the killer?
Donald Cragen: Not yet.
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: Then why the hell did you arrest her in the middle of Park Avenue?
Dr. George Huang: She's dangerous.
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: Is that your clinical opinion, Dr. Huang?
Dr. George Huang: Do you want me to use bigger words? Fine. She's a psychopath with extremely violent tendencies...
Chief of Detectives Muldrew: [cuts Huang off] Stop showing off. Bring her down for murder and I'll back your play, but screw the pooch and I'm going to let the crap roll downhill.
[walks away]
Donald Cragen: [to Huang] They better crack her or we're going to have a lot of shoveling to do.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Inconceivable (#9.14)" (2008)
Chief of Detectives: [about a tank of frozen embryos stolen from a fertility clinic] Now, Don doesn't believe this falls under your purview, but those are potential children, who've been kidnapped. If they're not special victims, who is?