Dr. Sheila Gamble
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Dr. Sheila Gamble (Character)
from The Other Guys (2010)

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The Other Guys (2010)
Dr. Sheila Gamble: Allen, I'm pregnant.
Allen Gamble: Whose baby is that? Who's the man who did that to you?

Allen Gamble: I think my line is being tapped. Do you remember where we did it on Halloween 3 years ago?
Dr. Sheila Gamble: Yeah.
Allen Gamble: Meet me there.

Mama Ramos: Hello, Allen.
Allen Gamble: Hello Mama Ramos, what are you doing out here?
Mama Ramos: Sheila says she doesn't know what happened, but she wants you back.
Allen Gamble: Ohh...
Mama Ramos: She also says... she wants you on top of her... holding her hair and riding her like a bucking bronco while she... sucks your thumb and says, "Mommy likey."
Allen Gamble: You... you tell your daughter...
Mama Ramos: [In house] He said he'll always love you and he's so happy that you're having his child.
Dr. Sheila Gamble: Oh. Allen...
Mama Ramos: He also says... that he wants you to stare into each other's eyes without blinking while you do it...
Dr. Sheila Gamble: I love when we do that, Mom.
Mama Ramos: ...and then afterward... lick the sweat off each other. I don't want to do this. You say things that are too personal.
Dr. Sheila Gamble: OK, but just one more thing...
Mama Ramos: [Out on street] She says she loves you, and wants to hold your hand, and have iced tea with you.
Allen Gamble: Come on, that's not all she said.
Mama Ramos: No. She says other things. But I don't want...
Allen Gamble: Please, please, please. You don't realize, I may be killed tomorrow.
Mama Ramos: OK. She says she wants to unplug all the clocks... and the phones... and have a three-day sex marathon.
Allen Gamble: That's more like it, yeah.
Mama Ramos: She wants to walk wrong for a week... because you guys did it so hard.
Allen Gamble: That's just lovely.
Mama Ramos: [In house] No more! He says things I can't say! It involves a mannequin hand... and an electric shaver... taped to a golf club!