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Quotes for
Holt Richter (Character)
from "The Cleveland Show" (2009)

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"The Cleveland Show: Terry Unmarried (#2.14)" (2011)
Cleveland Brown: Wait a minute. Fat chicks?
Cleveland Brown: This is a GAY bar!
Holt Richter: What? No way! Gay bars are gay?

Holt Richter: Beat up the beat! Fist pumpin' like a champ!

"The Cleveland Show: Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance (#1.2)" (2009)
Cleveland Brown: [to his buddy at the broken stool] So, all day, I was searching for a dog, that I know was dead. I don't know what to tell these kids.
Lester Krinklesac: Hey if it had help, tell'em it was delicious.
Cleveland Brown: WHAT?
Lester Krinklesac: Tasted a lot like kittens.
Cleveland Brown: YOU ATE THE DOG?
Holt Richter: I ate a dog once, I think her name was Betsy. Met her tail gaining, arena football, season tickets. She had bacne, woke up, she was peeing in the corner of my room.
Lester Krinklesac: Was she Chinese or Asian?
Holt Richter: Partly, ugh know what she might have been Hawian.