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Lilly Rush (Character)
from "Cold Case" (2003)

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"Cold Case: The Woods (#2.23)" (2005)
George: [Bellowing] I AM GOD IN THESE WOODS
Lilly Rush: No you're not... George you're a scared little boy... whose mother didn't love him

Lilly Rush: I'm never going to be like you.
George: [Last lines] Wanna Bet?
[gunfire breaks out and George falls dead]

Lilly Rush: [During a phone call, George asks why Lily has photos of the cold case victim next to her bed] Have you been in my house, George?

"Cold Case: Glued (#1.12)" (2004)
Lilly Rush: [Lilly holds her one-eyed cat up] I thought you liked cats!
ADA Jason Kite: Cats, not mutants!

Lilly Rush: Is there any reason why you're looking back on it now? Today?
John Stillman: What am I, one of your suspects?
Lilly Rush: Well, you're avoiding my questions like one. Alright, I can take a hint - be mysterious.

Lilly Rush: Even if that person killed an 8-year-old boy?
Father Declan: ...Even if.

"Cold Case: The Sleepover (#2.6)" (2004)
Ariel Shuman: [Sobbing] Do you hate me?
Lilly Rush: It doesn't matter what I think of you. She was just a little kid.
Ariel Shuman: But I was just a little kid, too! I didn't know!
Lilly Rush: [Yelling] Didn't know what?
Ariel Shuman: I didn't know you live through it!

Lilly Rush: [after hearing Brandi tell about her parents abusing her] Thank you. I know that was hard.
Brandi Beaudry: [Brandi smiles creepily] No... I've said it a million times in my head.

"Cold Case: A Time to Hate (#1.7)" (2003)
Lilly Rush: You want to look for Tinkerbell?
Nick Vera: In Never Never Land?
Lilly Rush: Or gay bars.
Nick Vera: You sure that's the best job for me?
Lilly Rush: Definitely

John Stillman: Where you gonna start?
Lilly Rush: Crime scene.
Scotty Valens: Queen Village.
Lilly Rush: Some reason he thinks that's funny.

"Cold Case: Saving Patrick Bubley (#3.6)" (2005)
Ben Fulcrum: [in flashback] Aw crap, critter's got family!
Lilly Rush: Should I... notify 'em?
Ben Fulcrum: Yeah, go on.
Lilly Rush: Well, I... I've just never done it before...
Ben Fulcrum: This is the perfect opportunity then, because this here ain't nothing but an NHI.
Lilly Rush: [Lilly speaks in a shocked voice] No humans involved?
Ben Fulcrum: Yup!
Lilly Rush: I don't really believe in that...
Ben Fulcrum: Stick around long enough and your bleeding heart will run dry real soon!

Lilly Rush: [showing Patrick Bubley the shelf with his brothers' case files on it] The road you're going down, Patrick, leads right here. There's a spot open. Next to your brothers.
Patrick Bubley: Maybe that's just how it goes...

"Cold Case: Flashover (#7.17)" (2010)
Lilly Rush: You're a good cop, Nick... but you need help.
[Nick Vera stares blankly out the windshield of the car while Lily has tears in her eyes]

Schmitty: [asked about Nick] Big guy with a voice. Right?
Lilly Rush: What kind of condition was he in?
Schmitty: Whoa. Just so you know, I didn't serve him more than three. Guy tops it off in the parking lot, that's on him.

"Cold Case: Forensics (#7.9)" (2009)
John Stillman: Hey, Nick.
Nick Vera: Yeah?
John Stillman: Still need that paperwork from you.
Nick Vera: Doctor was sick, can you believe it? Got another appointment tomorrow.
John Stillman: End of the week.
Nick Vera: Yeah.
Lilly Rush: Someone's afraid of needles.

Lilly Rush: The neighborhood Luke grew up in, he have a tough time making friends 'round here?
Darren Musk: Yeah, but not for the reasons you're thinking. His ability to memorize and apply information, figures, articles... I'd never seen anything like it.
Scotty Valens: Rub his teammates the wrong way, this "ability" of his?
Darren Musk: He was our top debater in two weeks. I thought I was giving him a chance to shine, but maybe I put a target on his back.

"Cold Case: Revolution (#2.14)" (2005)
Lilly Rush: Don't you know by now that you ruin everything you touch?

"Cold Case: Metamorphosis (#7.14)" (2010)
Scotty Valens: Partners, right?
Lilly Rush: Partners.

"Cold Case: Daniela (#2.3)" (2004)
Scotty Valens: We need to find your son, Ms. Castillo.
Esther Castillo: Why?
Lilly Rush: We think he was involved with this girl. Do you recognize her?
[passes Ms. Castillo a Polaroid of Daniela and Ms. Castillo blinks back tears and falls silent]
Scotty Valens: Ms. Castillo, you know this girl?
Esther Castillo: Girl?... That's my son, that's Edwin.

"Cold Case: November 22 (#6.21)" (2009)
Will Jeffries: [talking about the day President Kennedy was assassinated] I was playing touch football at recess.
Scotty Valens: Recess? I thought you were, like, forty-five when that happened.
Lilly Rush: No, you're thinking of when Lincoln was shot.
Will Jeffries: Keep it up. See what happens.

"Cold Case: The Boy in the Box (#1.14)" (2004)
Lilly Rush: [about the computer] Hey, boss, do you want me to do it?
Tom Stillman: That's okay, I have to learn how to use this thing sometime... Is it on?

"Cold Case: Thrill Kill (#5.1)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: It's so much easier to believe monsters do these things. Not men.

"Cold Case: Churchgoing People (#1.4)" (2003)
Detective Gil Sherman: It was a typical job during the crack era. Guy comes around looking for some company, ends up robbed and killed by the girl.
Lilly Rush: Why'd you think it was a hooker?
Detective Gil Sherman: Ever been to Kensington Avenue darling? It's hookerland.
Lilly Rush: Yeah? I grew up in Kensington.
Detective Gil Sherman: So what was he doin' there? Seein' the sights?

"Cold Case: Into the Blue (#6.23)" (2009)
Cop '80: Detective Stillman's the one who caught the man who hurt you.
John Stillman '80: You're a very brave girl, Lilly Rush.
Lilly Rush '80: You caught him? My mother said it was too late.
John Stillman '80: As long as you ask the right questions, it's NEVER too late.

"Cold Case: Joseph (#3.23)" (2006)
Lilly Rush: When someone gets the bright idea of using a dead man's credit card...
Scotty Valens: Hope whatever they bought was worth it.

"Cold Case: Schadenfreude (#2.17)" (2005)
Steven Chase 2005: I loved Lindsay
Lilly Rush: Nothin' says that sweeter than banging her friend