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Davey Kane (Character)
from "Stagecoach West" (1960)

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"Stagecoach West: The Arsonist (#1.19)" (1961)
Davey Kane: You know somethin', Luke...
Luke Perry: Very little, but I'm always willin' to learn.

Davey Kane: That Mrs. Burke sure is awful young to be married to an old man.
Luke Perry: Well, that isn't the way I thought of it.
Davey Kane: Well, how did you think of it?
Luke Perry: Well, I thought he was awful old to be married to such a young woman.
Davey Kane: Oh, well, I guess you're right. You usually... Hey! That's the same thing I said!

Luke Perry: You think you could stay on a bareback horse as far as Halfway House?
Davey Kane: Would you like to make a bet that I can't?
Luke Perry: No, I don't think I will.
Davey Kane: Aw, c'mon Luke, take a chance. You know how good I am at fallin' off horses.
Luke Perry: Yeah, I know. I've seen you do it lots of times for free, but I don't trust you when there's cash involved.
Davey Kane: Oh, I'm disappointed in you, Luke. I always thought that you were a plunger.
Luke Perry: I'm am - on sure things.

[Simon is rolling dough for bread]
Davey Kane: Oh, boy. If Luke could only see you now.
Simon Kane: What are you doin' here?
Davey Kane: We broke a wheel about a mile this side of Frenchman's Pass. Luke sent me on to get a new one.
Simon Kane: Got any passengers?
Davey Kane: Yeah - Mr. Craig and Mr. and Mrs. Burke. Luke wanted me to bring you back to help, but it seems a shame to take you away from your baking.
Simon Kane: You get out to the barn and start hitchin' up that buckboard. I've been fightin' this batch of dough since before noon. I'm not about to let it whip me now.
Davey Kane: Yes, ma'am!

"Stagecoach West: The Guardian Angels (#1.35)" (1961)
Davey Kane: You know, Mr. Dunlap, you're a funny kind of man. It seems to me you go out of way just lookin' for trouble.
Casey Dunlap: It's a good way to pass time, Davey.

Davey Kane: He used to be a good lawman. They used to like Mr. Morgan; they showed him respect and then, for one time in his life, he got scared.
Casey Dunlap: Yeah, Davey, that one time was enough. Abel Morgan has never paid for what he did.
Davey Kane: It seems to me he's been payin' ever since it happened. He'll probably keep on payin' as long as he lives... as long as he remembers. My pa says there's lots of ways a man can get scared. Sometimes it happens when he can't help himself; when he's got no way of stopping himself from getting scared. My pa says that sometimes you've got to judge a man from beginning to end and not just for one bad mistake. He says there's something about it in the Bible that sort of explains all that. Something about who's got the right to judge anyway. Maybe you know what he meant, Reverend.
Joshua Jessop: Judge not others unless ye judge thyself.
Davey Kane: Yeah! You see all I was tryin' to say is everybody gets scared once in a while.

[last lines]
Davey Kane: There oughta be some words we can say, Luke. You know, not just the ordinary words you say over graves, but somethin' special - somethin' to thank them for what they've done.
Luke Perry: Fittin' words are kind of hard to find, Davey boy. I reckon what we feel inside is more important than just plain words.
Davey Kane: I keep thinkin' about what Mr. Dunlap said about how his folks told him that he had a guardian angel to look after him. I guess you and me were lucky, Luke... We had four.

"Stagecoach West: Not in Our Stars (#1.18)" (1961)
[Davey is smitten by the stagecoach's pretty teenage passenger]
Davey Kane: Don't you think I should see to the passengers?
Simon Kane: Horse first, passengers second. Company rule, remember? Besides, she isn't going anyplace.

[Davey spots Ben hiding in the hayloft brandishing a pitchfork]
Davey Kane: Do you always sleep with a pitchfork in your hand?
Ben Wait: Something like this keeps me from having bad dreams.
Davey Kane: Sure isn't going to help my dreams any.

Davey Kane: Who's Aaron Sutter?
Simon Kane: The way I heard it, Sutter's got a piece of paper. Claims that proves Ben here's a criminal.
Station Master: Piece of paper can accuse a man but only a court of law can prove anything against him.

"Stagecoach West: Life Sentence (#1.9)" (1960)
David Kane: Well, you don't have to leave. You got no enemies in Timberline anymore.
Toby Reese: Only one, Davey. I see him every time I look in the mirror.

[last lines]
David Kane: You know, it's not fair, Pop. Mr. Reese did his wrongs a long time ago and he's still being punished.
Simon Kane: Those were big wrongs, Davey - treason, desertion, cowardice in battle.
David Kane: Yeah, but he's never been tried or convicted!
Simon Kane: No need to be. The minute it happened he gave himself a life sentence.

"Stagecoach West: A Place of Still Waters (#1.27)" (1961)
Davey Kane: They say you're as fast as Wyatt Earp. Are you?
Pierce Martin: I don't know... I don't intend to find out.

Davey Kane: But you're a preacher...
Jim Hallett: And you're wondering how a preacher can have a man like Pierce Martin for a friend, is that it? Sit down, David. David, do you remember that wolf cub that Luke found up on the trail and brought home?
Davey Kane: Oh, you mean Buff.
Jim Hallett: You raised Buff, didn't you and loved him? You didn't think of him as being a wolf. He was your dog. Then he started killing sheep and they had to shoot him. Did you stop loving him?
Davey Kane: No.
Jim Hallett: That's the way I feel about Pierce Martin.

"Stagecoach West: Three Wise Men (#1.11)" (1960)
Davey Kane: Hey, Luke!
[Luke is pouring drinks for Zeke and himself]
Luke Perry: When are you going to learn not to bother people when they're busy.
[toasting Zeke]
Luke Perry: God rest ye merry gentlemen.
Zeke Bonner: Likewise.

Webb Crawford: Well, one thing you can say, Mr. Kane - your turkey didn't go to waste.
Simon Kane: Well, it sure went someplace.
Susan Crawford: I just can't tell you how grateful we are.
Luke Perry: Well, ma'am, we're the ones who oughta be grateful to you. You see, if Simon had brought home that bird, I was the one who was due to cook it and I guarantee you it wouldn't have tasted like this.
Davey Kane: I guarantee it wouldn't have, either.
Simon Kane: Davey, on this night we refrain from criticizing our fellow man.
Davey Kane: Oh, you've eaten as much of Luke's cooking as I have.
Simon Kane: That's why I'm not saying anything.

"Stagecoach West: Come Home Again (#1.14)" (1961)
[Davey has helped the Cottons escape from a detective with a warrant for their arrest]
Simon Kane: Madam, do you want to get this boy into serious trouble?
Deborah Cotton: Of course not!
Davey Kane: But Pop, you said yourself that a gentleman should always help a lady in distress.
Simon Kane: This particular lady happens to be a fugitive from justice.
Deborah Cotton: From injustice, Mr. Kane.

"Stagecoach West: The Outcasts (#1.22)" (1961)
[Ken has borrowed $200 to help a woman escape from the clutches of a small-time criminal]
Davey Kane: My pop says gettin' into debt is like fallin' into a hole. It sure is easy to get into, but it's mighty hard to get out of. You sure must like her a lot.
Ken Rawlins: Not especially, Davey. It's... well... What would you do if you found a puppydog in a wolf trap? Let's say he's not your dog so you don't owe him anything... and maybe he's not much of dog when you get right down to it. What would you do?
Ken Rawlins: I'd set him free.
Davey Kane: That's it.

"Stagecoach West: The Saga of Jeremy Boone (#1.8)" (1960)
[discussing Davey's dog]
Felicia Sparks: What's his name?
Davey Kane: Hannibal.
Felicia Sparks: That's an odd name for a dog.
Davey Kane: I guess maybe it is.
Felicia Sparks: Why do you call him that?
Davey Kane: Because he's not afraid to fight anybody or anything.

"Stagecoach West: The Remounts (#1.23)" (1961)
[a man wearing a U.S. army officer's uniform waves his pistol at Luke, Simon and Davey]
Hody: We've been waiting for you.
Luke Perry: Yeah. Just when I was getting to point where I trusted Yankees.
Davey Kane: Is that Major Richmond, Pop?
Hody: That's right, kid, Major Mark Richmond. How about it, Pop?
Simon Kane: I don't know who you are, but whoever you are, you're a liar!
Hody: The uniform fits, don't it?
Simon Kane: That uniform never fit anyone like you.
Luke Perry: I don't think he'd fit in a gray one, either.

"Stagecoach West: Blind Man's Bluff (#1.32)" (1961)
[discussing Stace's dog]
Stace: Now take Mug back there. His tongue is hangin' out about a yard long. I can't understand that, either. It's the first time beer's ever given him a hangover.
Luke Perry: I'd hate to have him after me - even with a hangover.
Stace: He's very gentle, really. He'd eat right out of your hand.
Davey Kane: I bet he'd eat right out of your leg, too!

"Stagecoach West: A Time to Run (#1.6)" (1960)
[the stagecoach passengers vote on whether to fight the bounty hunters or turn Manolo over to them]
Luke Perry: All right, it's up to you. Zeke?
Zeke Bonner: I do hate bounty hunters.
Luke Perry: Longbridge?
Aeneas Longbridge: A long time ago, I ran away from a place called Fredericksburg. I guess I've been running ever since. You know, Mr. Perry, there's no satisfaction in it.
Luke Perry: Sadie?
Sadie Wren: Got a coin?
Luke Perry: Mrs. St. Clair?
Lucinda St. Clair: My husband decides for both of us.
Major St. Clair: You know, we've overlooked one thing - even if we do give up Colonel Lalanda, there's no assurance these people will allow us to leave. Besides, I haven't been in a shooting fight since... Fredericksburg.
Luke Perry: Davey? You're in this, too.
Davey Kane: I better go get your coat, Mr. Lalanda. The nights get awful cold around here.