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Quotes for
Alvin Jenkins (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: The Benders (#1.15)" (2006)
[as Sam tries to pull a metal cable down from above his cage]
Alvin Jenkins: Why don't you give it up Sammy, there's no way out!
Sam Winchester: [straining] Don't... call me... Sammy!
[the cable comes loose, something falls into Sam's cage]
Alvin Jenkins: What is it?
Sam Winchester: It's a bracket.
Alvin Jenkins: [sarcastic] Oh thank God, a bracket, now we got 'em, huh?

[the door of Jenkins' cage unlocks and swings open]
Alvin Jenkins: Must've been a short. Maybe you knocked somethin' loose.
[he steps cautiously out of the cage]
Sam Winchester: I - I think you should get back in there, Jenkins.
Alvin Jenkins: What?
Sam Winchester: This isn't right.
Alvin Jenkins: Don't you wanna get outta here?
Sam Winchester: Yeah. But that was too easy.
Alvin Jenkins: Look, I'm gonna get outta here, I'm gonna send help, okay, don't worry!
Sam Winchester: No! I'm serious! Jenkins! This might be a trap!
Alvin Jenkins: Bye Sammy.
Sam Winchester: Jenkins!
[Jenkins slips out; the cage door closes and re-locks on its own]