Gov. Earl K. Long
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Gov. Earl K. Long (Character)
from Blaze (1989)

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Blaze (1989)
Earl Long: Would you still love me as much if I wasn't the fine governor of the great state of Louisiana?
Blaze Starr: Would you still love *me* if I had little tits and worked in a fish house?

Earl Long: I want you to meet the finest yes-men in Lousiana and their lovely wives.

Earl Long: The three best friends the poor people have ever had are Jesus Christ, Sears & Roebuck and Earl K. Long.

Earl Long: Earl Kemp Long. Some people call me "unkempt" Long.

Blaze Starr: Just 'cause I fail to deliver upon your expectations, it don't mean that I am a C-U-N-T.
Earl Long: You ain't no such thing.
Blaze Starr: I didn't want my outward presentation to confuse you.
Earl Long: Well, you ain't like any stripper I'm used to.
Blaze Starr: I know, 'cause I ain't a stripper. I'm a dancer.
Earl Long: Can I ask you a personal question?
Blaze Starr: Yes, sir.
Earl Long: Are you registered to vote?
Blaze Starr: No, Sir. I just moved to Louisiana.

Earl Long: How are things at the club?
Blaze Starr: Fine, I guess. There's a lot of pressure for me and the girls to drop our G-strings. They say it's the wave of the future.
Earl Long: Well, civilization is at the crossroads in every department.

Earl Long: Hey, Doc. I love you.
Blaze Starr: I love you, too. You gotta promise me something.
Earl Long: Hmm?
Blaze Starr: We get married right after this election's over.
Earl Long: Trust me.

Earl Long: What's botherin' you?
Blaze Starr: There's a lot of men who'd like to spend an afternoon with me, but apparently you ain't one of them. I do not like to be left in the car like soiled merchandise. And I don't think a proper introduction is askin' too much.
Earl Long: A man in public office has to be discreet in his indiscretions.
Blaze Starr: Well, I am not an indiscretion.

Earl Long: I had an uncle. He got drunk. He went to the colored section down in Winnfield. He pulled this nigger out of bed and crawled in with the woman. The nigger went out, got a rifle, came back. He killed my uncle. I'm tellin' you, we gotta quit sleeping with 'em at night and kicking 'em in the day.

Earl Long: Blaze, where are you? You out here? Huh? Where are you? Goddamn TV! Ahh. "As a dog "returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly."The Lord gave. The Lord taketh away! Blessed be the name of... You goddamn whore. You... redheaded... harlot! She ran out on me! You know why? Because, I run 5th place... last time on the track. You after my money? Well, surprise. I don't have any! People think I'm lining my pockets. The fact is, money bores me! What the hell do I need with a woman like that? You are... just the prettiest thing that I ever saw.
Blaze Starr: I heard you were lookin' for me.
Earl Long: I told you she'd come back.
Blaze Starr: Maybe things would've been a little different if I hadn't been around.
Earl Long: Nah, I lost 'cause my political views is too futuristic.
Blaze Starr: That and TV.
Earl Long: My God, I hate TV.
Blaze Starr: I like TV.
Blaze Starr: Looks like we're missing quite a party.
Earl Long: We're not missing anything.
Earl Long: Marry me.
Blaze Starr: Earl, there's something you oughta know about me, something I gotta confess.
Earl Long: What's that?
Blaze Starr: I can't cook.
Earl Long: We'll work around it. Maybe it's time for old Earl to become domesticated. Might be a humbling experience.