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Professor Leo Dalton (Character)
from "Silent Witness" (1996)

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"Silent Witness: Nowhere Fast: Part 1 (#8.5)" (2004)
Leo Dalton: [Walking into cutting room] Who the hell are you?
Nikki Alexander: Oh
[spits toothpaste]
Nikki Alexander: Sorry, they're mine.
[moves skeleton]
Nikki Alexander: I'm Nikki, I'm a forensic anthropologist.
Leo Dalton: You're brushing your teeth in a mortuary?
Nikki Alexander: I know, ladies' loos are flooded.
Leo Dalton: Mortuary as in evidence, contamination there of.
Nikki Alexander: I sort of know that.
Leo Dalton: Cases depend on it. What's all this? This is the pathology department, not the natural history museum.
Nikki Alexander: Are you Leo?
Leo Dalton: Professor Leo Dalton, head of this department.
Nikki Alexander: I know.
Leo Dalton: You can't just wander in and start camping out.
Nikki Alexander: Not normally, obviously.
Leo Dalton: What?
Nikki Alexander: Well, you're right of course. You don't just invade a mortuary... Okay, look: The archaeology department doesn't have the software for facial reconstruction, you have, so when I bought these back from the Brecon Beacons dig... It's a very unusual late iron age burial. My colleagues think it's ritual sacrifice but I don't. That's what's so interesting...
Leo Dalton: How interesting you find these bones isn't the point.
Nikki Alexander: I just wanted to get on with it. To know what these people looked like. I'm sorry. I convinced myself that if you'd been here you'd let me use the software. And professor Hegarty said 'Oh Leo, he's fairly easy going, he won't mind, he... ' I'm not doing very well, am I?
Leo Dalton: Uh, no.
Nikki Alexander: Don't you understand that feeling, it's obsessive. I'm sorry, I really am. You find something, you want the answers, PDQ, you just have to have them. Sorry. Again.

Dr. Harry Cunningham: Leo, have you been practising facial reconstruction? You're getting better at it than I am.
Leo Dalton: Not mine.
Nikki Alexander: [Walks in with bones] Hi guys.
Leo Dalton: Where did you learn how to do this?
Nikki Alexander: Oh, I worked in forensic pathology in Johannesburg for six months. We had a lot of unidentified bodies.
Leo Dalton: You've even impressed Harry.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: I don't know if I've fallen into a black hole or something...
Leo Dalton: Oh, sorry, this is Nikki. I'm intending to have her thrown out at some point, but I've been busy.
Nikki Alexander: Nikki Alexander, Forensic Anthropologist. It's a ram-raid really, I only want you for your software.
Leo Dalton: I've had her checked out, it appears she is who she says she is.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Well, I should hope so.
Nikki Alexander: I've often wondered. Do you want to see the rest of my iron age body? The reconstructions are coming together rather well. This is the woman, 30-ish.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Bought your own bones?
Nikki Alexander: Leo said that I couldn't keep them in the morgue, so he told me I could leave them there.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Oh... You're actually on my desk, but...

"Silent Witness: The Lost Child: Part 1 (#12.9)" (2008)
Professor Leo Dalton: In my day you could not do a medical degree without Latin.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: In your day the patients spoke it.

"Silent Witness: Peripheral Vision: Part 2 (#11.10)" (2007)
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Nikki! Are you okay?
Dr. Nikki Alexander: Yeah.
Professor Leo Dalton: I thought I told you to stay at home.
Dr. Nikki Alexander: I'm fine.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Are you?
Dr. Nikki Alexander: Yeah, doctor had a look at me.
Dr. Harry Cunningham: Lucky doctor.