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Austin (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: All the World's a Stage (#4.16)" (2010)
Austin: [to Justin] Hey, what are you doing, I thought we were gonna hang out?
Justin Suarez: You guys go without me.
Austin: Justin, I know you saw us! Come on, she didn't pick me over you or anything. You got to kiss her, and I wanted my shot.
Justin Suarez: You guys seemed pretty into it.
Austin: I guess...
Justin Suarez: You weren't?
Austin: Well it wasn't like you two on stage. That seemed intense.
Justin Suarez: Well... I guess that's because I'm a good actor.
Austin: Really?
Justin Suarez: Yeah. It was better in my head.
Austin: [Austin chuckles] This is messed up, alright? Oh, and by the way, you weren't that good on stage, okay? Cause you were totally blocking me when you kissed her!
[Playfully shoves Justin]
Justin Suarez: You just have to have everyone seeing you all the time.
Austin: Trust me, they were looking at me anyways.
Justin Suarez: [laughing] You are so in love with yourself!
Austin: Wouldn't you be?
[the two freeze for a moment and look at each other. Austin then kisses Justin]

Justin Suarez: [Opens the door] Hey.
Lily: Hey.
Justin Suarez: [Austin appears] Oh, hey.
Lily: Where's your TV? I'll go set up the movie.
Justin Suarez: Oh, it's in there.
Austin: [to Justin] She invited me. Well, I guess she wanted me here, too.
Justin Suarez: Or maybe she felt sorry for you cause you were left out.
Austin: Or maybe she likes me better.
Justin Suarez: Or maybe you need a breath mint.
Lily: Guys, which Romeo or Juliet? Zeffirelli or Luhrmann?
Justin and Austin: Luhrmann.
Justin Suarez: [Justin and Austin looking slyly at each other] Welcome.