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Biography for
Mira (Character)
from "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (2010)

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Slave sent to improve Spartacus's lovemaking before an arranged meeting with a noblewoman.

Mira was a slave who belonged to the lanista Batiatus and his wife Lucretia. She first met Spartacus when Lucretia sent her to seduce Spartacus in his cell, but he spurned Mira's advances, refusing to lie with a woman who had been commanded to perform sexual favours. When Mira explained that she would be put to death for failing her commands, Spartacus allowed her to stay in his cell and pretend that they were lovers. As an additional favour, Spartacus asked Mira to locate the wife of his friend Varro.

Thanks to Mira's efforts, Varro was briefly reunited with his wife Aurelia. Spartacus also defended Mira when she was attacked by the guard Hector. Mira thanked Spartacus, but he said he would have done the same for any woman. Sadly, Spartacus was forced to slay Varro during a staged fight at a party held by the Romans. Mira was the first person to support Spartacus during his grief over losing his friend. When Spartacus fell ill from an untreated wound inflicted by Varro during their fight, Mira helped the medicus nurse him back to health.

Shortly after his recovery, Spartacus discovered that Batiatus was responsible for the death of Spartacus' wife, Sura. Mira urged Spartacus not to strike against Batiatus in revenge, as it would have repercussions on all slaves in the household. Spartacus seemed not to care for the other slaves and he continued with his plan of vengeance, but stopped when he learned that Aurelia had entered Batiatus' services in order to pay off her husband's debts - Spartacus did not want any harm to come to Varro's wife. Mira became frustrated towards Aurelia, for the impact she had on Spartacus' actions, but she ended up caring for her during her time as a serving girl.

However, Spartacus did regain his plan to avenge Sura and Varro's deaths - by cooperating with his fellow gladiators and inspiring them to rise against the Romans during another of Batiatus' celebrations. Mira's performance was key to the gladiators success, as Spartacus needed her to kill the Roman guarding the gate between the ludus and villa. After the gladiators overwhelmed Batiatus' villa and killed their masters, Mira chose to remain loyal to Spartacus and set off with the rebellion.

Mira has since gone on to prove herself as a capable fighter, taking up arms alongside the rebels during their attacks on Roman villas. Mira aided Spartacus and Crixus on their mission to rescue Naevia from the mines. Crixus was captured during the attempt, but Mira was able to help Naevia to safety.

When it came time to rescue Crixus and Oenamaus from the their execution in the arena of Capua, Mira aided in Spartacus' plan to destroy the arena. She joined a small team of rebels through the passage underneath the stalls and set fire to the supports using jars of oil. the stalls came crashing down and many Roman citizens were killed in the ensuing chaos. Mira escaped along with Spartacus and the rest of the rebels. They have since taken up refuge in a sanctuary located at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, under the care of an exiled Roman citizen named Lucious, who instructed Mira in the use of the bow.

Mira has become a competant archer, and used her newfound skill to prevent a slave from running away and revealing Spartacus' plans to the Romans.

Mira continues to prove herself a strong asset to Spartacus' cause, yet she still fears that he will not love her the way he loved Sura.

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