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Detective Siika (Character)
from Goodbye, Mr. President (1987)

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Goodbye, Mr. President (1987)
Detective Siika: At least we know the motive?
Detective Sergeant Hanhivaara: We do?

Detective Siika: [Siika is trying to tell a difficult riddle] You are in a dark room with two boxes. In the first one you have 25 black socks and in the other one you have 25 white socks. How many socks you have to take from each of those boxes to be sure that you have at least one pair of the same colour in your hands.
Detective Sergeant Hanhivaara: [without thinking] Three.

Detective Lieutenant Kairamo: Huhtanen, you take care of the lesbians.
Detective Siika: [to Huhtanen] Watch out your back.

Detective Huhtanen: Good looking woman.
Detective Siika: But dead.