Mike Ehrmantraut
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Mike Ehrmantraut (Character)
from "Breaking Bad" (2008)

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"Better Call Saul: Five-O (#1.6)" (2015)
Mike Ehrmantraut: You know what happened. The question is, can you live with it?

Mike Ehrmantraut: I broke my boy.

[repeated line]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Lawyer.

[Closing lines]
Stacey Ehrmantraut: Hoffman and Fensky... if they killed Matty, who killed them? Pop What happened?
Mike Ehrmantraut: You know what happened. The question is can you live with it?

[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: You let some things slide and you look the other way. You bust a drug dealer that has more cash than you'll ever earn in a lifetime. Some of it doesn't make it back into evidence. So what? You took a taste. So did everyone else. That's how you knew you were safe. It's like killing Caesar. Everyone's guilty. Matt wasn't dirty. I was. Everyone was in that precinct. That's how it worked. You turn in your buddy, you're screwing yourself. You go along to get along.
Stacey Ehrmantraut: And you went along?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I did. Yeah. I did.
Stacey Ehrmantraut: Okay. But you said Matt didn't.
Mike Ehrmantraut: No, not Matt. Fensky got to Hoffman early - kickbacks from some gang or another. Protection, basically. And Hoffman went to Matty and offered to cut him in. Only fair, right? They were partners. And Matt did what you would think. He agonized. And then he came to me, wanted to go to the I.A., do the right thing, shut 'em down.
Stacey Ehrmantraut: Oh, my God. And you let him? That's why he got killed 'cause he was gonna turn on those guys?
Mike Ehrmantraut: No. No. I told...
Mike Ehrmantraut: You know what a cop fears most? More than getting shot, more than anything? Prison. Getting locked up with everybody you put away. You threaten a cop with that, you make him dangerous, and that's what I told him. I talked sense. No one was getting hurt. But if you go to the I.A., if you even look like you're going. He had a wife, a kid, responsibilities. Take the money. Do something good with it.
[chuckles wryly]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Well I tried. I tried. But he wouldn't listen. My boy was stubborn. My boy was strong. And he was gonna get himself killed. So I told him... I told him I did it, too. That I was like Hoffman, getting by, and that's what you heard that night me talking him down, him kicking and screaming until the fight went out of him. He put me up on a pedestal, and I had to show him that I was down in the gutter with the rest of 'em.
Mike Ehrmantraut: I broke my boy. I broke my boy.
Mike Ehrmantraut: He went to Hoffman, he took the money, but he hesitated. Even *looking* like you're doing the right thing to those two meant that he wasn't solid, that he couldn't be trusted. I got Matty to take the money. And they killed him two days later. He was the strongest person that I ever knew. He'd have never done it, not even to save himself. I was the only one I was the only one that could get him to debase himself like that. And it was for nothing. I made him lesser. I made him like me. And the bastards killed him anyway.
Stacey Ehrmantraut: Hoffman and Fensky - if they killed Matty, who killed them? Pop. What happened?
Mike Ehrmantraut: You know what happened. The question is... can you live with it?

"Breaking Bad: Say My Name (#5.7)" (2012)
[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Shut the fuck up. Let me die in peace.

Mike Ehrmantraut: [after the deal with Declan] I gotta hand it to you, Walter.

Mike Ehrmantraut: All of this, falling apart like this, is on you.
Walter White: Wow.
Walter White: Wow! Oh, that's some kind of logic right there, Mike. You screw up, get yourself followed by the DEA, and now, suddenly, this is all my fault. Why don't you walk me through this, Mike?
Mike Ehrmantraut: We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Fring. We had a lab. We had everything we needed, and it all ran like clockwork. You could've shut your mouth, cooked and made as much money as you ever needed. It was perfect. But, no, you just had to blow it up. You and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man. If you'd done your job, known your place, we'd all be fine right now.

"Breaking Bad: Madrigal (#5.2)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: Now I don't know what kind of movies you've been watching, but here in the real world, we don't kill eleven people as some kind of prophylactic measure.

[repeated line]
Mike Ehrmantraut: My guys are solid.

Mike Ehrmantraut: How 'bout we lose the sunglasses? I feel like I'm talking to Jackie Onassis.

"Better Call Saul: Pimento (#1.9)" (2015)
Mike Ehrmantraut: The lesson is, if you're gonna be a criminal, do your homework.
Price: Wait, I-I'm not a bad guy, I don...
Mike Ehrmantraut: I didn't say you're a bad guy, I said that you're a criminal.
Price: What's the difference?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I've known good criminals and bad cops, bad priests, honorable thieves-you can be on one side of the law or the other, but if you make a deal with somebody, you keep your word. You can go home today with your money and never do this again, but you took something that wasn't yours and you sold it for a profit. You're now a criminal; good one, bad one-that's up to you.

Sobchak: You been doing this long? I just assume we're all heavy hitters. And it makes sense. The vet recommends the best of the best. Dealing with some of these ethnic types, blood tends to run a little hotter. That's just science. Physiology. There's historical precedent. Know what I'm saying? So, what you packing?
Mike Ehrmantraut: A pimento.
Sobchak: Sorry, what?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Pimento sandwich.
Sobchak: That's funny. Pimento. No, I mean, what are you carrying? You know, the piece? What's the make?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Pimento is a cheese. They call it the caviar of the south.

Daniel 'Pryce' Wormald: I wonder how this is supposed to work. I mean, who goes first? Do I hand over the pills first? Or do they give me the money and then I hand over the pills? I mean, I guess it makes sense if we just exchanged at the same time, right? I mean, that's fair. Maybe we just count to three.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Probably the less talk, the better.

"Breaking Bad: Dead Freight (#5.5)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: The woman put a hit out on me.
Walter White: Seriously?
Jesse Pinkman: Wait. A hit? What? Like the mafia?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Yeah, like the mafia.

Mike Ehrmantraut: [threatening Lydia] Here are the rules: if you yell for help, try to give the man some kind of coded message, or otherwise tip him off, I am going to pull out my pistol and shoot you in the head. Same goes for panicking, breaking down into tears. Remember how you like to do that? If it happens this time, I am going to pull my pistol out, and I am going to shoot you in the head.

Mike Ehrmantraut: Look at me, not at them. Lydia, look at me. If you make Schrader suspicious in any way, any way at all, tell me what's gonna happen next.
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: You'll pull out your gun and shoot me.
Mike Ehrmantraut: And where will I shoot you?
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: In the head.
Mike Ehrmantraut: The head. That's right. And it's a pistol, not a gun. I'm expecting precision here.

"Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die (#5.1)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: Keys, scumbag. It's the universal symbol for keys.

Mike Ehrmantraut: Is that a serious question?

"Breaking Bad: ABQ (#2.13)" (2009)
Mike: I woke up, I found her, that's all I know.

Mike: Saul Goodman sent me.

"Breaking Bad: Full Measure (#3.13)" (2010)
Walter White: You said no half-measures.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Mmmmm yeah - Funny how words can be so open to interpretation.

Walter White: I'm gonna need some... some kind of assurance.
Mike Ehrmantraut: I assure you I can kill you from way over here, if it make you feel any better.

"Breaking Bad: Green Light (#3.4)" (2010)
Mike: You know Walter, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have someone watching your back.

Walter White: Walter:
Walter White: Great line of work, by the way. Real upstanding field.
Mike: Mike: Yeah, well, I enjoy it.

"Better Call Saul: Gloves Off (#2.4)" (2016)
[to Nacho]
Mike Ehrmantraut: You sure about this? Killing your partner...
Mike Ehrmantraut: [chuckles] That's a bell you don't un-ring.

[last lines]
[seeing Mike's face after the fight with Tuco]
Nacho Varga: Wow. Look at you. Are you gonna have to testify?
Mike Ehrmantraut: The cops witnessed him in the commission of a felony. My wallet was in his pocket. Add the gun... he gets a 5 to 10 stretch.
Nacho Varga: 25,000 dollars. You definitely earned it. Still, you coulda gotten twice as much for 1/10 the hassle. You woulda done the world a favor. You wouldn't look like someone took a lead pipe to your face. Plus, when Tuco gets out, maybe he comes looking for you.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Get to the point.
Nacho Varga: Just saying... you went a long way to not pull that trigger. Why?

"Breaking Bad: Shotgun (#4.5)" (2011)
Mike Ehrmantraut: You - are not the guy. You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don't. You - are not the guy.

"Breaking Bad: Buyout (#5.6)" (2012)
[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Is that true, Walter?
Walter White: Everybody wins.

"Breaking Bad: Salud (#4.10)" (2011)
Jesse Pinkman: So I don't get to vote in this matter?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I'll give you this: either all of us or none of us are going home.

"Better Call Saul: Marco (#1.10)" (2015)
[last lines]
Jimmy McGill: Help me out here. Did I dream it, or did I have $1,600,000 on my desk in cash? When I close my eyes, I can still see it. It's burned into my retinas like I was staring into the sun. No one on God's green earth knew we had it. We could have split it 50/50. We could have gone home with $800,000 each, tax-free.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Your point being?
Jimmy McGill: Why didn't we? What stopped us?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I remember you saying something about doing the right thing.
Jimmy McGill: I don't even know what that means.
Mike Ehrmantraut: You want to know why I didn't take that money? Is that what you're asking?
Jimmy McGill: Yeah, that's what I'm asking.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Me, personally I was hired to do a job. I did it. That's as far as it goes.
Jimmy McGill: Yeah. Well, I know what stopped me. And you know what? It's never stopping me again.
[drives away]

"Better Call Saul: Switch (#2.1)" (2016)
Jimmy McGill: Help me out here. Did I dream it, Or did I have $1,600,000 on my desk in cash? No one on god's green earth knew we had it. We could've split it 50/50. We could've gone home with $800,000... each! Tax-free!
Mike Ehrmantraut: Your point being?
Jimmy McGill: Why didn't we?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I remember you saying something about doing the right thing. You want to know why I didn't take that money? Is that what you're asking?
Jimmy McGill: Yeah, that's what I'm asking.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Me, personally, I was hired to do a job. I did it. That's as far as it goes.
Jimmy McGill: Yeah. Well, I know what stopped me. And you know what? It's never stopping me again.

"Better Call Saul: Amarillo (#2.3)" (2016)
[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: You gonna tell me what we're doing here?
Nacho Varga: I've got a problem.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Okay.
Nacho Varga: This problem... I can't solve it myself.
Mike Ehrmantraut: This problem... is it a who or a what?
Nacho Varga: There's a guy. I need him to go away.

"Breaking Bad: Fifty-One (#5.4)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: [suspecting Lydia performed a set-up] She's dead.

"Better Call Saul: Cobbler (#2.2)" (2016)
[to Pryce]
Mike Ehrmantraut: I guess I shouldn't be surprised I have to tell you this. But it's probably a bad idea that you willingly talk to the police, being a criminal and all.

"Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay (#5.3)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: [to Jesse about why Lydia can't be trusted] You don't know this woman like I do. I had a chance to deal with this before, and I gave her a pass. That's what I get for bein' sexist.

"Breaking Bad: Half Measures (#3.12)" (2010)
Mike Ehrmantraut: I used to be a beat cop, a long time ago. I'd get called on domestic disputes all the time. Hundreds, probably, over the years. But there was this one guy, this one piece of shit that I will never forget. Gordie. He looked like Bo Svenson. You remember him? Walking Tall? You don't remember?
Walter H. White: No.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Anyway, big boy, 270, 280 but his wife or whatever she was, his lady was real small, like a bird. Wrists like little branches. Anyway, my partner and I'd get called out there every weekend and one of us would pull her aside and say: "Come on, tonight's the night we press charges." This wasn't one of those "deep down, he loves me" setups. We got a lot of those, but not this. This girl was scared. She wasn't gonna cross him, no way, no how. Nothing we could do but pass her to the EMT's, put him a car, drive him downtown, throw him in a drunk tank. He sleeps it off, next morning, out he goes. Back home. But one night my partner's out sick, and it's just me. The call comes in and it's the usual crap. Broke her nose in the shower kind of thing. So I cuff him, put him in the car and away we go. Only that night we're driving into town and this sideways asshole is in my back seat humming "Danny Boy." And it just rubbed me wrong. So instead of left, I go right, out into nowhere. And I kneel him down and I put my revolver in his mouth and I told him, "This is it. This is how it ends." And he's crying, going to the bathroom all over himself. Swearing to God he's gonna leave her alone. Screaming, much as you can with a gun in your mouth. And I told him to be quiet. That I needed to think about what I was gonna do here. And, of course, he got quiet goes still and real quiet. Like a dog waiting for dinner scraps. Then we just stood there for a while, me, acting like I'm thinking things over and Prince Charming kneeling in the dirt with shit in his pants. And after a few minutes, I took the gun out of his mouth and I say, "So help me, if you ever touch her again I will such and such and such, and blah, blah, blah."
Walter H. White: It was just a warning?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Of course. Just trying to do the right thing. But two weeks later he killed her. Of course. Caved her head in with the base of a Waring blender. We got there, there was so much blood you could taste the metal. Moral of the story is I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I'll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.

"Better Call Saul: Alpine Shepherd Boy (#1.5)" (2015)
[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: [answering his door] Long way from home, aren't you?
Detective Sanders: You and me both.

"Breaking Bad: Bullet Points (#4.4)" (2011)
Mike: You're on thin ice, you little shithead. You know that?
Jesse Pinkman: You ain't gonna smoke that dude in there. You know how I know? 'cause you went to the trouble of putting a blindfold on him.

"Better Call Saul: Bali Ha'i (#2.6)" (2016)
Hector Salamanca: Let's discuss my payment. Mm, that time is past. No $5,000 for you.
Mike Ehrmantraut: The price is $50,000.
Hector Salamanca: How about the payment is you get to live?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Not enough.

"Better Call Saul: Hero (#1.4)" (2015)
Jimmy McGill: It's just, you know... You assume that criminals are gonna be smarter than they are. I don't know. It kind of breaks my heart a little.
Jimmy McGill: Not the loquacious sort, are you?
Mike Ehrmantraut: We can't all be as blessed as you.
[closes his windows]