Mike Ehrmantraut
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Mike Ehrmantraut (Character)
from "Breaking Bad" (2008)

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"Breaking Bad: Dead Freight (#5.5)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: The woman put a hit out on me.
Walter White: Seriously?
Jesse Pinkman: Wait. A hit? What? Like the mafia?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Yeah, like the mafia.

Mike Ehrmantraut: [threatening Lydia] Here are the rules: if you yell for help, try to give the man some kind of coded message, or otherwise tip him off, I am going to pull out my pistol and shoot you in the head. Same goes for panicking, breaking down into tears. Remember how you like to do that? If it happens this time, I am going to pull my pistol out, and I am going to shoot you in the head.

Mike Ehrmantraut: Look at me, not at them. Lydia, look at me. If you make Schrader suspicious in any way, any way at all, tell me what's gonna happen next.
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: You'll pull out your gun and shoot me.
Mike Ehrmantraut: And where will I shoot you?
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: In the head.
Mike Ehrmantraut: The head. That's right. And it's a pistol, not a gun. I'm expecting precision here.

"Breaking Bad: Say My Name (#5.7)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: [after the deal with Declan] I gotta hand it to you, Walter.

Mike Ehrmantraut: All of this, falling apart like this, is on you.
Walter White: Wow.
Walter White: Wow! Oh, that's some kind of logic right there, Mike. You screw up, get yourself followed by the DEA, and now, suddenly, this is all my fault. Why don't you walk me through this, Mike?
Mike Ehrmantraut: We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Fring. We had a lab. We had everything we needed, and it all ran like clockwork. You could've shut your mouth, cooked and made as much money as you ever needed. It was perfect. But, no, you just had to blow it up. You and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man. If you'd done your job, known your place, we'd all be fine right now.

"Breaking Bad: ABQ (#2.13)" (2009)
Mike: I woke up, I found her, that's all I know.

Mike: Saul Goodman sent me.

"Breaking Bad: Shotgun (#4.5)" (2011)
Mike Ehrmantraut: You - are not the guy. You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don't. You - are not the guy.

"Breaking Bad: Buyout (#5.6)" (2012)
[last lines]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Is that true, Walter?
Walter White: Everybody wins.

"Breaking Bad: Bullet Points (#4.4)" (2011)
Mike: You're on thin ice, you little shithead. You know that?
Jesse Pinkman: You ain't gonna smoke that dude in there. You know how I know? 'cause you went to the trouble of putting a blindfold on him.

"Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die (#5.1)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: Keys, scumbag. It's the universal symbol for keys.

"Breaking Bad: Madrigal (#5.2)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: Now I don't know what kind of movies you've been watching, but here in the real world, we don't kill eleven people as some kind of prophylactic measure.

"Breaking Bad: Fifty-One (#5.4)" (2012)
Mike Ehrmantraut: [suspecting Lydia performed a set-up] She's dead.

"Breaking Bad: Full Measure (#3.13)" (2010)
Walter White: You said no half-measures.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Mmmmm yeah - Funny how words can be so open to interpretation.

"Breaking Bad: Green Light (#3.4)" (2010)
Mike: You know Walter, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have someone watching your back.