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Jacqueline Lindley (Character)
from "Largo Winch" (2001)

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"Largo Winch: Hot Property (#2.9)" (2003)
Largo Winch: Are you okay?
Jacqueline Lindley: Yeah thank you so much, you're a life saver. I'm Jacqueline Lindley.
Largo Winch: Any relation to Warren Lindley?
Jacqueline Lindley: Yeah he's my father and I'm sure he'll want to thank you himself. How can he reach you?
Largo Winch: Oh that won't be difficult, I just brought the house next door. I'm your new neighbour Winch, Largo Winch.

Jacqueline Lindley: Dad, why do you keep denying it?
Warren Lindley: Jacqueline.
Jacqueline Lindley: Look I really don't care who hears this. Why can't you just let Largo help us? You know he can be trusted.

Jacqueline Lindley: What are you making my father do?
Largo Winch: Hey hey he'll be fine, you have my word.
Jacqueline Lindley: He wouldn't have said goodbye like he did if it wasn't gonna be dangerous.
Largo Winch: Jacqueline, he's being very brave. You have to be too.
Jacqueline Lindley: [she starts to cry] I can't though, not without him. You said you were gonna help us Largo, please you've gotta stop this.
Largo Winch: I can't, it has to be done.