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Annie Walker (Character)
from "Covert Affairs" (2010)

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"Covert Affairs: Pilot (#1.1)" (2010)
Annie Walker: I still have a month of training left.
Base Commander: Now!

Annie Walker: Everyone here is so young.
Auggie Anderson: There was a hiring freeze that was unfrozen after 9/11. Fifty percent of the agency has five years' experience or less.

Polygrapher: You told us in your vetting interview that your last serious relationship ended two years ago.
Annie Walker: Yes.
Polygrapher: And you met abroad?
Annie Walker: Yes. In Sri Lanka. I was backpacking, he was teaching English.
Polygrapher: That's impulsive.
Annie Walker: Is that a question?
Polygrapher: Did you love one another?
Annie Walker: Yes. We were in love.
Polygrapher: The sex was good?
Annie Walker: It rocked.

Auggie Anderson: [getting a whiff of Annie's perfume] Jo Malone grapefruit?
Annie Walker: Am I wearing too much perfume?
Auggie Anderson: No. No, it's very subtle. A lot of the ladies around here lay it on so thick, it's like they're chumming for hammerheads.

"Covert Affairs: In the Light (#1.5)" (2010)
Annie Walker: McAuley said "talk to Henry Wilcox."
Auggie Anderson: Yes, but he meant it in a "go screw yourself" kind of way.

Annie Walker: [leaving a briefing] Hey, Auggie? Why did Joan say I might have a shot 'cause I'm new?
Auggie Anderson: McAuley is Christopher McAuley. He was a deep cover officer for fifteen years, knew everyone important that had anything to do with East Africa. One of his old contacts might know something about Hasaan's movements, but McAuley retired five years ago.
Annie Walker: Why do I feel like I'm still missing something?
Auggie Anderson: Well, when I say he retired, I mean he had a nervous breakdown, quit the CIA, moved to Middle of Nowhere, Virginia, and hasn't contacted us since. I can actually hear you frowning.
Annie Walker: On a scale of none to a lot, how many people have tried to bring him in?
Auggie Anderson: Almost every senior person in that room.
Annie Walker: So this is basically a fool's errand?
Auggie Anderson: Think of it more as a hazing ritual if it makes you feel better.

Christopher McAuley: You wanna get off my property?
Annie Walker: Mr. McAuley, my name is Annie Walker. I'm from...
Christopher McAuley: Langley.
Annie Walker: We need your help. Is there somewhere we could go and talk?
Christopher McAuley: Get off my property.
Annie Walker: Well, I have a flat tire.
Christopher McAuley: Well, then I hope you have a spare.

Annie Walker: How do you feel about what we do?
Auggie Anderson: [thoughtfully] Hmm...
Annie Walker: I mean, I know that manipulating people for information is pretty much my job description, but... it always makes me feel...
Auggie Anderson: Dirty?
Annie Walker: Tell me it's worth it.
Auggie Anderson: Tell me what "it" is, and I'll tell you if it's worth it.
Annie Walker: I read McAuley's file. And based on what he said today, I might have something I can use.
Auggie Anderson: Worth it. It would be a huge get for you to bring somebody like McAuley in. We don't always get to have everything nice and shiny and clean, but we are talking about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists here.
Annie Walker: Henry Wilcox said "We're in the mud, all of us, whether we want to admit it or not."
Auggie Anderson: Does that bother you?
Annie Walker: I'd like to know how dirty I'm going to get.

"Covert Affairs: Good Advices (#2.2)" (2011)
[the DPD has thrown Annie a surprise birthday party]
Annie Walker: So, the sudden craving for chai?
Auggie Anderson: Subterfuge.
Annie Walker: Auggie, you are six whole days off. You don't need subterfuge, you need a calendar.

Annie Walker: You're sending me to Paris?
Joan Campbell: See, now I'm already having second thoughts.
Annie Walker: But... you just gave me the assignment.
Joan Campbell: Yeah, but you've got that look.
Annie Walker: Look? What look?
Joan Campbell: The look that every female operative gets the first time I send her to Paris.

[Annie is trying to initiate contact with a potential CIA asset]
Annie Walker: I think... I have an opening. Nineteenth century portraits.
Auggie Anderson: You call that an opening?
Annie Walker: Got any good conversation starters?
Auggie Anderson: Yeah, I do, actually, but they all require that you not be able to see.

"Covert Affairs: World Leader Pretend (#2.10)" (2011)
Annie Walker: So, now that you've defected, what do you want to do?
Shen Yue: Is it too late to catch the Nationals? I do love baseball.

Annie Walker: When you listen to people speak, you learn to interpret what they mean, not what they say.

"Covert Affairs: Walter's Walk (#1.2)" (2010)
Annie Walker: Mingus box set? Headphones? You're not quitting, are you?
Auggie Anderson: Don't get your hopes up. The entire DPD is moving into a brand new, state of the art "welcome to the twenty-first century ten years too late" facility.
Annie Walker: Today? I didn't get the memo.
Auggie Anderson: Well, that's because you weren't here three years ago when they actually did send out a memo saying that we were moving in a week. Got to love bureaucracy.

"Covert Affairs: Lady Stardust (#3.16)" (2012)
Bob Breiding: How did you get into Amsterdam, Mrs Brooks? There's no flag on your passport at the Schiphol or any of the neighboring airports.
Annie Walker: Greece. I spent a week in the islands.
Bob Breiding: Greek Immigration database is notoriously dysfunctional.

"Covert Affairs: Hello Stranger (#3.6)" (2012)
Annie Walker: Only a fool confuses fate with destiny. Fate is what happens to us. Destiny is what we make in spite of our fate.

"Covert Affairs: Begin the Begin (#2.1)" (2011)
Annie Walker: You've got some mouth on you.
Nadia Levandi: You speak Estonian?
Annie Walker: Just the swear words.

"Covert Affairs: No Quarter (#1.4)" (2010)
[their mission has been compromised]
Eyal Lavine: We shack up here for a few days, we let things die down, and then we do what we were brought together to do.
Annie Walker: Which is what, exactly?
Eyal Lavine: Exchange briefcases, of course. You want to tell me where yours is?
Annie Walker: It's somewhere safe.
Eyal Lavine: This is somewhere safe. That's why they call it a safe house. Where else is safe?
Annie Walker: It got hot. I had to drop it. So...
Eyal Lavine: That's how they teach you in the CIA?
Annie Walker: Not to get caught with compromising materials? Yeah, it's basic CIA protocol.

"Covert Affairs: Communication Breakdown (#1.7)" (2010)
Annie Walker: Why are you so happy?
Auggie Anderson: I'm heading to datatech.
Annie Walker: Data-what?
Jai Wilcox: Datatech, It's a computer security clearance. It's like comic-con for nerds.
Annie Walker: Isn't that just comic-con?