Mr. Dykes
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Mr. Dykes (Character)
from It Happened One Night (1934)

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It Happened One Night (1934)
Peter Warne: [Detectives are looking for Ellie] What do you mean, coming in here? What do you want, anyway?
Detective: We're looking for somebody.
Peter Warne: Yeah, well look your head off, but don't come busting in here. This isn't a public park. I could near as take a sock at you!
Detective: Take it easy, son, take it easy.
Mr. Dykes: These men are detectives, Mr. Warne.
Peter Warne: I don't care if they're the whole police department. They can't come busting in here, shooting questions at my wife.
Ellie Andrews: Now, don't get so excited, Peter. The man just asked a civil question.
Peter Warne: Oh, is that so? Say, how many times have I told you to stop butting in when I'm having an argument?
Ellie Andrews: Well, you don't have to lose your temper!
Peter Warne: [mockingly] "You don't have to lose your temper." That's what you said the other time, too. Every time I try to protect you. The other night, at the Elks Dance, when that big Swede made a pass at you!
Ellie Andrews: He didn't make a pass at me! I told you a million times!
Peter Warne: Oh, no? I saw him. He kept pawing you all over the dance floor!
Ellie Andrews: [the detectives stand there, flustered] He didn't! You were drunk!
Peter Warne: Aw, nuts! You're just like your old man! Once a plumber's daughter, always a plumbers daughter! There isn't an ounce of brains in your whole family!
Ellie Andrews: [sobbing] Oh, Peter Warne, you've gone far enough! I won't stand for it anymore!
Peter Warne: Aw, shut up!
Mr. Dykes: Now, you see what you've done?
Detective: Sorry, Mr. Warne. But, you see we've got to check up on everybody.
Detective: We're looking for a girl by the name of Ellen Andrews, you know, the daughter of that big Wall Street mug.
Peter Warne: Yeah? Well, it's too bad you aren't looking for a plumber's daughter
[to Ellie]
[Ellie sobs even louder]
Mr. Dykes: I told you they were a perfectly nice married couple.
[Mr. Dykes and the detectives leave, and Peter and Ellie start laughing]