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Quotes for
Whitaker (Character)
from Strange Wilderness (2008)

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Strange Wilderness (2008)
Whitaker: [having an epiphany] Uh, guys, I don't wanna die. For the first time in 11 years I'm seeing the world through sober eyes. It's exhilerating. See, I have so much to live for right now. I want to find a nice girl and settle down, have kids, dance with them in the moonlight and everything. I want to do it all, you know?
Cooker: That was fucking beautiful. Take a bow.
[slams hand buzzer into Whitaker's crotch]

Whitaker: Hey, wait a minute. These are the fish that ate Dick, right?
Peter Gaulke, Cooker: Yeah!
Whitaker: Alright, so go with me here. If Dick is in the fishes, and we're eating the fishes, doesn't that mean we're eating Dick?
Cooker: [after a long pause] What the fuck!
[everyone spits out the fish in disgust]

Peter Gaulke: I need you to take an inventory of everything's that left, okay? Go! Now!
Whitaker: [looking around] Uh, okay. We got one sleeping bag, so I think we're pretty much fucked.