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Marshal Rose Hood (Character)
from Gunslinger (1956)

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Gunslinger (1956)
Cane Miro: I'll make you a deal. I won't try to make you a bad woman, if you stop trying to make me a good man.
Marshal Rose Hood: You're not bad, you're just no good.

[first lines]
Rose Hood: Hi.
Marshal Scott Hood: Hi. Long night.
Rose Hood: A quiet one for a change.
Marshal Scott Hood: Aw, you shouldn't get up so early just to fetch my breakfast.
Rose Hood: What else is a Marshal's wife good for?

Rose Hood: You figure out what you're going to do about Erica's tramps at the Red Dog?
Marshal Scott Hood: Now who in the world could stand up to that woman?
Rose Hood: Try me.
Marshal Scott Hood: Naw, you stick to makin' coffee, Rose. I'll take care of the criminal element.
[a member of 'the criminal element' shoots him in the back]

[Rose gives her husband's badge to the mayor]
Rose Hood: Pin it on.
Mayor Gideon Polk: Pin it on who?
Rose Hood: On me.
Mayor Gideon Polk: Come on, Rose. You must be pulling my leg.
Erica Page: I think it's a wonderful idea. With a woman marshal, Oracle will be the hit of the Western dime novels... and what bad man would dream of shooting a woman?

Deputy Joshua Tate: I don't know. I reckon some people won't think it proper for a new widow to go around in pants - even if they are black.
Marshal Rose Hood: Ever see a police officer in a corset?

[Rose straps on a six-shooter]
Herman: Hey, are you going to wear that cannon?
Marshal Rose Hood: I don't imagine a bank robber will change the rules just for me.

Marshal Rose Hood: Come on, Joshua. Let's start enforcing the law.

[to drunk in the next jail cell]
Marshal Rose Hood: Either you turn around or I'll book you for rustling.

Cane Miro: Remember me?
Marshal Rose Hood: Cane Miro - wanted in three states and five territories for murder, bank robbery, stage robbery, train robbery and sundry assaults.
Cane Miro: Take a look in your ledger; see if I'm wanted in this state. I haven't checked lately.
[checking one of Rose's rifles]
Cane Miro: You ought to keep these clean.
Marshal Rose Hood: No, you aren't wanted here. If you were, I'd find a place for you with the other characters I've met this week - next to my husband in Boot Hill.

Marshal Rose Hood: What's your business in Oracle?
Cane Miro: It's honest... It's also private.
Marshal Rose Hood: Well, that's no answer.
Cane Miro: I intend to keep it that way.

[discussing Cane's business]
Marshal Rose Hood: How long is it going to take?
Cane Miro: About five weeks.
Marshal Rose Hood: Make it five days.
Cane Miro: That's mighty charitable. I might be able to finish in five days - but that also leaves five nights. What do you do nights, Miss Marshal.
Marshal Rose Hood: Oh, I keep an eye on suspicious characters.
Cane Miro: I'm a suspicious character.
Marshal Rose Hood: I think I'll assign Joshua to you. He takes care of drunks, mad dogs and smart saddle tramps.
Cane Miro: But I'm a celebrity. You ought to give me your personal attention.
Marshal Rose Hood: I just hope I don't have to, Mr. Miro.

[hearing gunfire in the distance]
Marshal Rose Hood: I'm a fool! Instead of doing my job, I'm out here disgracing Scott's memory - and it's all your fault!
Cane Miro: Nothing we both do is all my fault.

Marshal Rose Hood: Are your girls ready to leave?
Erica Page: You said Friday! This is only Tuesday night.
Marshal Rose Hood: Just a reminder.
Erica Page: Well, *thank you*. Now that I've been reminded, may I go to the Red Dog?
Marshal Rose Hood: You may go to the red devil as far as I'm concerned.

Marshal Rose Hood: We're sworn enemies. All the moonlight in heaven can't change that.

[last lines]
Sam Bass: Looks like a nice, quiet, little town you got here.
Marshal Rose Hood: Yeah. Yeah it is.