George Christopher
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George Christopher (Character)
from "Bored to Death" (2009)

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"Bored to Death: Stockholm Syndrome (#1.1)" (2009)
George Christopher: Men face reality, women don't, that's why men need to drink.

"Bored to Death: Take a Dive (#1.8)" (2009)
George Christopher: I want to thank both of you for supporting me in this whole thing. I know it's delusional behavior, but important to me.
Ray Hueston: I like being delusional.
Jonathan Ames: Yeah, me too. We're delusional together.

"Bored to Death: The Alanon Case (#1.2)" (2009)
George Christopher: You need to know when to give me good advice, and that was bad advice. You need to be sane when I'm insane.
Jonathan Ames: But I didn't know you were insane.
George Christopher: Well, you should have.