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Quotes for
Lotterman (Character)
from The Rum Diary (2011)

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The Rum Diary (2011)
Lotterman: How does anyone drink 161 miniatures?
Paul Kemp: Are they not complimentary?

Lotterman: [after mentioning that the former writer, male, of the horoscopes was raped to death in a public toilet] Say, you're not .uuh. artistic, are you Kemp?
Paul Kemp: Oh no
Lotterman: Y'might wanna rethink those menthol cigarettes

Paul Kemp: So many hotels you can't see the sea.
Lotterman: You can see the sea by checking into the hotels.
Paul Kemp: Pay to see the sea?
Lotterman: What's the matter with that? You're paying to be in the dream...

Lotterman: What do you know about horoscopes?
Paul Kemp: Nothing.
Lotterman: Ah, well, if I can write one, you can. So it's every day with a special "Star's Star" featured Saturday with Betty Grable and Neil Sedaka, things like that. So here, everything you need is right there. It's called "Madam La Zonga Predicts."
Paul Kemp: What happened to Madam La Zonga?
Sala: He got canceled.
Paul Kemp: What do you mean, fired?
Lotterman: They raped him to death.
Paul Kemp: They raped him to death?
Sala: There are very few places on this island I decline to visit, but the toilets frequented by sailors on the west side of Candado Pier is one.
Paul Kemp: They raped him to death?