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Quotes for
Disc Jockey (Character)
from American Graffiti (1973)

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American Graffiti (1973)
XERB Disc Jockey: Sneakin' around with the Wolfman, baby. This is gonna strike a raw nerve, Mama. Here's The Platters.

XERB Disc Jockey: Rock 'n' Roll will stand man. Who's this on the Wolfman telephone?

XERB Disc Jockey: Get your bugaloos out baby! The Wolfman is everywhere.

XERB Disc Jockey: [to Curt] Hey, have a popsicle. The ice box just broke down, and they're melting all over the place. You want one?

XERB Disc Jockey: [to Curt] Hey, what do you want? Push the red switch down.

Curt Henderson: Are you the Wolfman?
XERB Disc Jockey: No, man. I'm not the Wolfman. Wait a minute.
[puts in a tape]
Wolfman Recording: "Who is this on the Wolfman Telephone?".
Diane: "Diane".
Wolfman Recording: "How you doing, Diane?".
XERB Disc Jockey: That's the Wolfman.

XERB Disc Jockey: He's a friend of mine, you hear? And little girl... you better call him, or the Wolfman gonna get you!

XERB Disc Jockey: Little kiss on your ear. Goodnight, sweetheart. I'll see you later.