Laurie Bolander
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Laurie Bolander (Character)
from American Graffiti (1973)

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American Graffiti (1973)
Bob Falfa: Hey, hey, hey, baby. What do you say?
Laurie Henderson: Don't say anything and we'll get along just fine.

[last lines]
John Milner: I know, uh... you probably think you're a big shot, goin' off like this...
John Milner: [he slaps Curt] ... but you're still a punk.
Curt Henderson: OK, John... So long... So long!
[Steve, Terry, Laurie and John wish Curt goodbye]
Terry Fields: Have a good trip!
Laurie Henderson: Bye, Curt. Good-bye!

Steve Bolander: I thought, maybe before I leave, we could agree that... that seeing other people while I'm away can't possibly hurt, you know.
Laurie Henderson: You mean dating other people?
Steve Bolander: I think it would strengthen our relationship. Then we'd know for sure that we're really in love. Not that there's any doubt.

Laurie Henderson: [to Steve] I don't care if you leave this second!

Laurie Henderson: Come on.
Steve Bolander: Come on, what?
Laurie Henderson: Steven, please. Smile or something.
Steve Bolander: Quit pinching!
Laurie Henderson: You think I care if you go off? You think I'm gonna crack up or something? Boy, are you conceited!
Steve Bolander: I don't know why I ever asked you out!

Steve Bolander: What's wrong?
Laurie Henderson: [emotionally] Go to hell!

[John and Falfa arrive at Paradise Road for their drag race. John then suddenly notices that Laurie is with Falfa]
John Milner: Hey, Laurie, what in hell are you doin' in there?
[to Falfa]
John Milner: Is she gonna ride with you?
Laurie Henderson: Mind your own business, John!
Bob Falfa: Yeah, she's goin' with me. You take care of yourself, man.

Laurie Henderson: [quoting from Curt] "It doesn't make sense to leave home to look for home, to give up a life to find a new life, to say goodbye to friends you love just to find new friends".

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Laurie Bolander: Maybe I could straighten up this place for you.
Andy Henderson: No thanks, I like this place just the way it is.
Laurie Bolander: You like living in squalor?

Laurie Bolander: Andy, Andy, you don't think we'd be in Vietnam unless the President knew a few things we don't know, huh?
Andy Henderson: Not so loud, you're embarrassing me.