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Duell McCall (Character)
from Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge (1988) (TV)

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Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) (TV)
John Sikes: Are you afraid of dying?
Duell McCall: I don't give it much thought.
John Sikes: I don't know why you're here, but you ain't going to get what you're after... as long as you got something to lose. My death don't bother me. I ain't got nothing to lose.

Duell McCall: Are you still after the bounty on my head?
Charlie Cates: No, I gave up that line of work. It's too dangerous.
Duell McCall: Well, cheating at cards ain't a whole hell of a lot safer.
Charlie Cates: I wasn't cheating. Cards aren't my main occupation anyhow.
Duell McCall: What is?
Charlie Cates: Damn if I know.

Duell McCall: Where are you headed?
Charlie Cates: Nowhere in particular. Just need to make some fast money.
Duell McCall: I'm needing the same thing. Maybe we ought to go visit your friend Sikes.
Charlie Cates: Well, that's not a bad idea. John is always looking for an extra gun or two.
Duell McCall: Why is that?
Charlie Cates: Because the old ones keep getting killed.

Desperado (1987) (TV)
Nora Malloy: Look, ah, I'm sorry.
Duell McCall: No, I am a tramp. What can I say?
Nora Malloy: Well, you know, one person's tramp is another person's free spirit.

Duell McCall: You're not the law!
Bede: You see how stupid you are! The Company is the law in this town... and I'm the Company!

Duell McCall: You're not the law. There is no law! You're just another man with a gun... only you're paid by a better class of people.

Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge (1988) (TV)
Nora: We have a chance to get away. Let's take it.
Duell McCall: I can't do that.
Nora: Then where does it end? Either you'll be killed or somebody else is going to die if you go back there.
Duell McCall: I know. I know that.
Nora: Why do you have to take on everybody else's troubles?
Duell McCall: Nora, I've been living on borrowed time. There could be a bullet waiting around the next bend for me. But until then, I've got to do what I fell is right.
Nora: There's a town called Opportunity about a hundred miles south. I'll wait for you there.

Duell McCall: Jim, did you ever kill anybody?
Jim Buckner: I've been with posses that shot at men. Some of 'em fell. I figure my bullets was in there somewhere.

Desperado: Badlands Justice (1989) (TV)
Duell McCall: I came for the rifle shipment.
Gun Runner: You ain't Pike!
[McCall points a gun at the gun runner's head]
Duell McCall: I am now.

[McCall is using the alias Henry Booth]
Caroline: Mr. Booth, why don't you leave Magnolia?
Duell McCall: Now?
Caroline: There's enough corruption in this town without you.
Duell McCall: And what makes you think I'm corrupted?
Caroline: You're here.