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The Range Rider (Character)
from The Sheriff and the Rustler (1913)

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"The Range Rider: The Chase (#3.22)" (1953)
Caine: What do you want with me?
The Range Rider: I don't want any part of you, but the Sheriff might be interested.

Dick West: Her name is Bonnie - Bonnie Bates. You'd like her, compadre. She's...
The Range Rider: I know. She's different.
Dick West: That's what *I* was going to say.
The Range Rider: Every petticoat you meet is different.

[looking at a wanted poster on the jail wall]
The Range Rider: How'd you like to trade places with one of the Sheriff's wallflowers?
Dick West: Unh-uh. Anytime you get ideas like that, I get different ideas.

The Range Rider: Lock him up, Sheriff. This is the notorious Panhandle Kid.
Sheriff: What?
Dick West: Oh,no. See you later!
The Range Rider: Hold it. Let me tell you about yourself. You're the notorious Panhandle Kid and you're from McKinney, Texas. You've got the reputation as one of the fastest gunslicks in the Southwest.
Dick West: I am?
The Range Rider: You got about nine notches on your gun.
Dick West: I have?
The Range Rider: You've made about four jailbreaks.
Dick West: Yeah?
The Range Rider: Now don't forget - you're supposed to be a rough, tough hombre.
Dick West: I am!

[last lines]
The Range Rider: Miss, this little boy is angling for an introduction. The only trouble is, he's allergic to petticoats.
Young Woman with Packages: Some men are awful flirts.
The Range Rider: They certainly are.

"The Range Rider: Outlaw Pistols (#3.26)" (1953)
The Range Rider: How did you happen to know that the driver of the buckboard was a cattle buyer?
Kid Laredo: I dreamed it.
Dick West: You robbed three of our buyers in six weeks. You sure do dream a lot.

Mary: Kid Laredo had a gun!
The Range Rider: Where did he get a gun?
Dick West: Search me, but it's over there on the desk. It's a derringer!
[holding up the 'pistol']
The Range Rider: You mean this?
Dick West: Yeah, that's it.
The Range Rider: Better wash your face - it's awfully red.
Dick West: Soap!

[last lines]
[while attempting to escape the Sheriff's shackles and chains, Mary becomes entangled in Dick's arms]
The Range Rider: You want me to show you how to get out of that?
Dick West: Never mind. I'm doin' all right!

"The Range Rider: Border City Affair (#3.13)" (1953)
[the Range Rider and Dick West have eluded the pursuing lynch mob]
Dick West: Sure glad we got rid of them. I'll have a sore throat for a week just thinking about it.
The Range Rider: I thought you liked tight tourniquets.
Dick West: [to his horse] Give him a big laugh, Lucky.

The Range Rider: This Armstrong - he's a pretty big toad in the local puddle?
Gail Colfax: He runs the town, if that's what you mean.

"The Range Rider: The Blind Trail (#2.8)" (1952)
The Range Rider: You know, Starkey, if I were you, I'd hire just a little bit tougher grade of skunk.