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Joan Hunt (Character)
from "Body of Proof" (2011)

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"Body of Proof: Buried Secrets (#1.8)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: I have to go
Joan Hunt: Of course you do. There is a dead body out there, somewhere, who is more important than I am
Megan Hunt: As usual, you don't understand
Joan Hunt: I understand alright: you care more about the death that you do about the living, because they can't talk back
Megan Hunt: Believe it or not, they have something to say!

Joan Hunt: Two mornings in a row, must be some kind of record
Megan Hunt: Morning mother
Joan Hunt: Victor did you know this is my daughter?
Victor Ramos: Good morning, your honor
Joan Hunt: He's terrified of me. You seem to be the only person who isn't

"Body of Proof: Missing (#2.3)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: And the quid quo pro is...?
Joan Hunt: I am here to help you, Megan! And find out what I said that was so terribly wrong
Megan Hunt: [fetches an election pamphlet] You know how hard it is for me to see that everywhere? That was the worst day of my life! And every time you run for office, I have to relive it!
Joan Hunt: That's what that picture means to you. I always found that a point of family pride: becoming successful, for staying strong
Megan Hunt: Daddy killed himself, we suffered and I miss him. How is that a point of family pride?

Megan Hunt: [gets a dossier] What's this?
Joan Hunt: The scariest four hours of my life! The day your farther killed himself, I came back to a house filled with cops and you gone. Ran away they said. The next four hours I was frantic! I thought that maybe I lost both you and your father. But they found you: you were sound asleep in your father's tool shed
Megan Hunt: I had no idea where you were! Is that's why you have been helping, because you lost your child for four hours?
Joan Hunt: Megan, I lost you for the next thirty years!

"Body of Proof: Eye for an Eye (#3.5)" (2013)
Megan Hunt: [Browsing through an old chest in the attic of her mom's house] I put the stitches in that tiger
Lacey Fleming: Always a doctor
Megan Hunt: Hm-hmm
Lacey Fleming: [Looking at a picture Megan just got out of the chest] Is that grandpa? What was he like?
Megan Hunt: He's funny, liked to dance. He was a little sad
Lacey Fleming: [Megan opens another old box from the chest] Mom, what is it?
Joan Hunt: [Climbed the stairs to the attic] Please, put that down
Megan Hunt: Mom? This is daddy stuff. You told me you got rid of everything
Joan Hunt: It doesn't belong to you. Just... just put it down
Megan Hunt: Or what? I might actually feel something? When daddy died, it's like... it's like you erased him! I guess, if he never existed then he never shot himself in the head, right?
Joan Hunt: Megan, this isn't the time
Megan Hunt: It's never the time! For 35 years it has not been the time! Now you're selling the house and that is left of him is in this... little box. You want me to get rid of this too?
Joan Hunt: I don't wanna talk about this
Megan Hunt: I do!
Joan Hunt: Close that box!
Megan Hunt: No!
Joan Hunt: Megan...!
Megan Hunt: [Megan's phone rings] For God sake!
[Picks up her phone]
Megan Hunt: What?
Megan Hunt: I'll be there
[and walks away]

"Body of Proof: Occupational Hazards (#2.15)" (2012)
Lacey Fleming: New York is gonna to be so sick!
Megan Hunt: Sick means good. Which as a doctor I find particularly disturbing
Joan Hunt: Well, you see, this is why I need to spend more time with Lacey

"Body of Proof: Gross Anatomy (#2.9)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: Hello mother. Sounds like you two are having fun. What am I missing?
Joan Hunt: Oh, I was just telling Lacey about living with you when you were her age
Megan Hunt: [chuckles] Ahaha, right
Joan Hunt: Did you know that your mother used to bring home dead birds and keep them in the freezer to study them?
Lacey Fleming: Euw! That's disgusting!
Megan Hunt: Mom
Joan Hunt: I didn't know whether she'd end up being a doctor or a serial killer. The jury was out there for a while

"Body of Proof: Society Hill (#1.6)" (2011)
Joan Hunt: You have no idea how I'm gonna miss her! What a lonely world you inhabit in that head of yours. I feel sorry for you, Megan. You don't know what it's like to have friends!
Megan Hunt: You know... you're right! I don't, 'cause after my accident... after I lost my profession... my standing... were where my friends? Hm? Where were you?
Joan Hunt: I was right here for you!
Megan Hunt: No you weren't! You were embarrassed... too worried about your friends!