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Hunsaker (Character)
from Cop Out (2010)

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Cop Out (2010)
Barry Mangold: [teasing Monroe after he's been robbed] Mr. Monroe, we are the police. We're here to help. You've been a victim of a crime, do you understand?
Jimmy Monroe: I ain't got no time for this shit.
Barry Mangold: Wow! Oh God!
Hunsaker: You know, based on the uh the emotional state how we should proceed? What do you think? We could get him a psycho avaluation?
Barry Mangold: So we're gonna take you to Bellevue just to make sure you're okay uh huh?
Hunsaker: Now for the record, how long actually have you been a...
[Barry shows a comic book]
Hunsaker: hobbyist?
Barry Mangold: Now, was there any identifying marks on the suspects?
Jimmy Monroe: [remembers of Dave's tattoo] No!

Paul Hodges: Did you know they were gonna make a movie about these two starring Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro? Yeah, it was called 'The Unfuckables'.
Barry Mangold: I'm not gonna lie to you, I like the idea of Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro playing us.
Hunsaker: [Imitating DeNiro] Yeah, lil bit.