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Dr. Stephen Dominik (Character)
from Girls' Dormitory (1936)

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Girls' Dormitory (1936)
Dr. Stephen Dominick: I must have loved you all along, but I always thought of you as a child.

[last lines]
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Isn't it strange how professors can be so pitifully stupid? It's taken me all these weeks to find out that the only answer to the you.
Marie Claudel: I could have told you that.
[they kiss]

Dr. Stephen Dominick: Sit down. I'm going to dictate something to you. 'My one and only love,'
Marie Claudel: Oh, please.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Write. 'I can think of nothing but that beautiful moment when you held me in your arms.' I order you to write, Marie.
Marie Claudel: [on the verge of tears] Oh, I can't! Oh, please don't make me.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Then you did write this.
Marie Claudel: Yes. Oh, I'm so ashamed.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: How could it have happened?
Marie Claudel: Surely you don't believe that anything like that really happened!
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Then why did you write this?
Marie Claudel: Well, it isn't a real letter.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: What is it, then?
Marie Claudel: Oh, how can I explain it to you... Well, here, inside these walls, I'm still a schoolgirl, but the moment I step outside, I feel life around me, I'm with the world. I feel like other people, dream like other people. Then I am not a schoolgirl, I'm a human being.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: But this-this isn't something out of your imagination, it's-its real.
Marie Claudel: Well, the letter is real, but what it says is not. The only true thing about it is that I am in love.
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Yes?
Marie Claudel: Well, in my dreams, I have been in the embrace of the man I love, yes, that is truth, but what you accuse me of, I'm not guilty.