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The "Knowers" are a group of carefully chosen individuals selected to maintain the balance between parallel worlds in the film "15 Till Midnight". Little is known about the organizations origins, other than that each of them were chosen due to their knowledge and acceptance that various existences have been overlapping with one another.

Their primary objective is to monitor individuals who are prone to discovering the inconsistencies caused due to this overlapping. This entails such activity as mundane as general surveillance up to more intricate measures - such as interweaving themselves into an individuals life to the point where every close friend one has may possibly be a Knower.

In the timeline of "15 Till Midnight" the Knowers are led by a man named "Sarosto" (portrayed by Andrew Roth), a mysterious figure whose mentality seems damaged by conflicting pasts due most likely from living multiple versions of his own life before "discovered". His is a master of disguise and "blending in" to the background of any situation.

SPECIAL NOTE: It is rumored that at least two individuals (from two VERY different parallel worlds) believed to be the mythological being "Tiresias" (in female form) have joined the ranks of the Knowers and operate as a soothsayer using their insight to lead anyone who has discovered the pathway between worlds in whichever director the Knowers prefer.

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