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Quotes for
Richard Rycart (Character)
from The Ghost Writer (2010)

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The Ghost Writer (2010)
Robert Rycart: He can't drown two ghost writers, for god sake. You're not kittens!

The Ghost: Well don't tell me you're going to read it now.
Richard Rycart: Not all of it, just the beginning. There's something very important about it.
The Ghost: Yeah, it's the cure for insomnia.

The Ghost: I really don't think this is a good idea.
Richard Rycart: You have no choice.
The Ghost: Emmett must have told Lang I've been to see him.
Richard Rycart: So what's he going to do about it? Dump you in the ocean?
The Ghost: Well it happened before.
Richard Rycart: Which means it can't happen again. He can't drown two ghost writers, for God's sake. You're not kittens.