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Quotes for
Caroline Du Plessis (Character)
from "Wild at Heart" (2006)

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"Wild at Heart: Episode #2.7" (2007)
Caroline: Tell this man he is being ridiculous.
Danny Trevanion: You're being ridiculous! Why?

Caroline: And don't worry, on the day Du Plessis will definitely not be performing the ceremony. Thank God.
Anders Du Plessis: Anyway. We are here to witness the union between Simon what's-your-second-name and Gloria Something-or-other. Then, we will step aside for the marauding hippo.

"Wild at Heart: Episode #2.6" (2007)
Anders Du Plessis: It's not much, but it's home.
Caroline: Well, you're half right.

Caroline: Call me old fashioned, but I never found the smell of guano a great big turn on. Still, it takes all sorts.

"Wild at Heart: Episode #2.9" (2007)
Caroline: Are you friends of Anders?
Barry: We're sure as hell not the strippers, lady.
Caroline: That's a relief.