Thomas Ryan
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Thomas Ryan (Character)
from Ryan's Daughter (1970)

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Ryan's Daughter (1970)
Father Collins: I don't know what's the matter with youngsters in this town. Their talk is filthy, their doings are secret, and cruelty for fun.
Thomas Ryan: Unemployment is the matter with them, Father Hugh. It's the deliberate policy for the British government that Irish youngsters shall corrupt in idleness.

Father Collins: It's time you married Rosy. It's time she got a house of her own to clean, floors to scrub.
Thomas Ryan: My princess isn't interested in fellows, Father.
Father Collins: Your "princess" has got fellows enough in here
[taps head]
Father Collins: And fellas running loose in there will do a girl more damage than a barracks full of drunk dragoons.
Thomas Ryan: Well, if it's one of that lot that's fit for her, Father, maybe you'll point him out!

Thomas Ryan: [talking about the Easter Rebellion] If the Germans had an ounce of sense, they'd send us guns to use against the British!
Charles Shaughnessy: That's treason you're talking.
Thomas Ryan: And friends that are listening surely to God!

Father Collins: Good luck to all Irishmen.
Thomas Ryan: Bad luck to the British. Success to the Germans! And -
[British soldiers enter the bar]
Thomas Ryan: And a very good morning to you, Corporal!

Thomas Ryan: [Corporal is reading a newspaper article about fighting in France] It seems the Jerries are giving your brave lads out there a terrible scrimmage, then.
Corporal: Aye.
Mr. McCardle: Well, you see Tom, Jerry's a tougher proposition than unarmed Irish children.
Corporal: As far as I know, Mr. McCardle, no children were killed!
[laughs of disbelief]
Corporal: All right, there were. They get you in this uniform, you aim your gun where you're told to point it, and you pull the trigger. And so does Jerry... and so would you!

Thomas Ryan: [meeting Doryan for the first time] Now, I can't just say you're welcome - not in your official function. Ah, but in YOURSELF, you're welcome! A brave man is a brave man in any uniform, be it English khaki, Irish green, aye, or German gray.

Thomas Ryan: [about to inform on O'Leary's men] Oh God, why have you done this to me?

Thomas Ryan: [the town has turned out to punish Rosy as an informer] But why must it be Rosy?
Mr. McCardle: Because she was fornicating with the fellow!