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Sgt. Cully (Character)
from Raising Cain (1992)

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Raising Cain (1992)
[Lt. Terri and Sgt. Cally go over the case file of the missing babies]
Lt. Terri: [Terri sighs] Poor guy. This is gettin' out of hand Sean.
Sgt. Cally: Yep. It seems like a serial to me. A detective's dream. The motiveless murder.
Lt. Terri: What've we got now? Two moms, a baby-sitter and all their kids are gone.
Sgt. Cally: From the same playground.
Mack: [the retired officer Mack mumbles in the room as he watches Carter] And this Dr. Nix.
Sgt. Cally: [the two detectives lower their heads] What do you mean?

[the retired officer Mack tells the detectives about Carter's father Dr. Nix]
Mack: Well, maybe you can tell me who this Dr. Nix is.
Sgt. Cally: [Cally points to the next room] It's that guy over there working with Peters.
Mack: Yeah, any dope can see that. But I worked another Nix case twenty years ago.
Lt. Terri: Twenty years ago. What are you talking about?
Mack: I'm talking about that guy's old man.
Sgt. Cally: Are you sure?
Mack: Same name, same face.
Sgt. Cally: So what did your Dr. Nix do?
Mack: We got an anonymous tip he was buying babies. I remember we caught him with five.
Sgt. Cally: Five? Was he starting a basketball team?

[the retired officer tells the detectives about Dr. Nix and his colleague Dr. Waldheim]
Mack: At his trial, an associate testified against him. A Dr. Lyn Waldheim. Still works around here. I just called Waldheim's office. They tell me the doctor checked into the hospital.
Sgt. Cally: What's the matter with him?
Mack: It's a her. Cancer. I told her about the kids disappearing and one of their fathers was a Dr. Nix. She says she'll be right over.
Sgt. Cally: [Cally looks over to Terri] So this is retirement. I think I'll just have a heart attack right here.
Mack: [Mack smiles] I could never retire, so I don't.

[the detectives ask themselves if Carter could really be a nut]
Lt. Terri: [the detectives look at Carter in the other room] I know what you guys are thinking.
Sgt. Cally: Like father, like son.
Lt. Terri: Slam dunk right? It's too easy. Just because his father is a nut, doesn't mean Carter has to be.

[the detectives meet Dr. Waldheim]
Dr. Waldheim: [Waldheim looks at Carter for the first time] It's uncanny. He looks exactly like his father.
Lt. Terri: That's Carter Nix.
Dr. Waldheim: It couldn't be anyone else. And his wife and child have disappeared?
Sgt. Cally: It gets worse.
Lt. Terri: We got a dead woman downstairs that could be his wife.
Dr. Waldheim: Oh. So much tragedy in one family.

[Dr. Waldheim talks about her cheap wig]
Dr. Waldheim: I hate this wig! I told them to get me a gray one. My hair is gray. They couldn't find one. I look like a transvestite.
Sgt. Cally: Looks fine.
Dr. Waldheim: You're very kind, but you don't lie very well.

[Dr. Waldheim tells the detectives about multiple personalities]
Dr. Waldheim: All multiple personality patients, regardless of the differences in their background, seem to share certain childhood traumas. When these occur, the original personality splinters into others. For instance, if a boy is molested by his mother or abused by his father, the original...
Dr. Waldheim: [the detectives grab Waldheim from going the wrong way] Ah. The original personality forgets it ever happens. How could his loving parent do such a terrible thing? And he creates an alternate personality. This becomes the person it happened to. He is the one who suffers the pain for all the rest.
Lt. Terri: [Terri turns to Cally] Hm. Built-in fall guy. You do something bad, the other personality takes the rap. Sounds very convenient. Straight ahead.
Dr. Waldheim: It is not a psychological state one wishes to acquire. Every time there is another trauma, there may be another personality. Pretty soon there are scores of them running around inside your head, squabbling amongst themselves as to which one gets to control the consciousness. Only one personality can control the consciousness at one time.
Lt. Terri: So now they're talking to each other.
Sgt. Cally: Sounds like one messed up guy.
Dr. Waldheim: Yes. But, by carefully observing and documenting the formation and development of Cain's multiples, Dr. Nix was creating a whole new theory of personality evolvement.

[Dr. Waldheim tells the detectives about the raw data of Dr. Nix]
Dr. Waldheim: The raw data was extradordinary detailed. It was as if he had gotten into a time machine and gone back to witness each one of Cain's personality-splitting traumas as it occured. I was never allowed to meet Cain. His true identity was known only to Dr. Nix. All the information I had, I transcribed from tapes recorded during their sessions.
Lt. Terri: So, uh... how do you think he got this information?
Dr. Waldheim: I never knew for sure. But years later when he got arrested for trying to buy babies, I suspected there could only be one answer.
Sgt. Cally: Yeah?
Dr. Waldheim: He had created Cain's multiple personalities in order to study them. He had taken some innocent child and split its personality. Now, he needed a control booth to test his theories. That's what he was buying the babies for.