Kay Arnold
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Kay Arnold (Character)
from Ladies of Leisure (1930)

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Ladies of Leisure (1930)
Bill Standish: Ever done any posing before?
Kay Arnold: I'm always posing.
Bill Standish: How do you spend your nights?
Kay Arnold: Re-posing.

Kay Arnold: Hey, what kind of a sap is that guy?
Dot Lamar: He's one of those fellas that even his best friends don't tell him.

Kay Arnold: When a dress costs over a hundred bucks, it's a frock!

Kay Arnold: I feel like getting into trouble!

Kay Arnold: You know the old bromide: when in Greece, open a restaurant.

Kay Arnold: I read somewhere in a book that you can't have your cake and eat it too.
Dot Lamar: Aw, baloney! Sure you can have your cake and eat it.
Kay Arnold: Yeah? How?
Dot Lamar: Have two cakes!

Jerry Strong: It's like a man I knew once. He was suspicious. Bitter, hard, cruel. All those things were written in his face, like a map of his life. He died. I saw him laid out. His face was a new face. It was fine, noble. There was peace in it. He was himself again. Do you see what I mean?
Kay Arnold: No. All I get out of it is, you got to die to find yourself. Not me. Not for two dollars an hour.