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Quotes for
Gene (Character)
from Layer Cake (2004)

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Layer Cake (2004)
Morty: Why did you keep the gun?
Gene: I know it sounds silly now, but it was my favorite.
Morty: You better not let the other guns know you have a favorite.

Gene: In those days, being black was worse than being Irish.

Gene: If you have to kill someone, never ever tell a living soul.

Gene: [to XXXX] This what being a gangster gets you. You're not in there 'cause I like you.
Morty: I'm beginning to feel left out.
Gene: Why? I seem to recall a friend of yours in intensive care after your little... reunion.

Gene: [opens a case of guns] You're going to need one of these.
XXXX: Fuck me, Gene. I fuckin' hope not. Are you trying to scare the shit out of me? I mean, I fucking hate guns - Although that one is really pretty. What is that, Second World War?

Gene: Hey, these pills are going to be a nice catch for my retirement fund. So don't fuck up again, or you'll wish Dragon had shot you between the eyes.
Gene: Good luck.