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Biography for
Red Mist (Character)
from Kick-Ass (2010)

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Red Mist is a comic book hero created by Mark Millar for Kick Ass. His existence was announced for the movie before his debut issue was released, causing some spoilers to be leaked. He premiered in issue #5.
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Actually the son of Johnny G, Chris is a comic book lover who came up with the ploy of Red Mist in order to lure Kick-Ass into a trap. Chris is cowardly and reluctant to put his life in danger for others. He is also addicted to reefer, and a sadist. He even admits to masturbating over the idea of torturing Kick-Ass.


Red Mist appeared shortly after Kick-Ass retired for the second time. He was put in the spotlight after taking down the Russian mob, causing Kick-Ass to become jealous and don the mask again. After arranging a meeting between the two, Red Mist apologized for any hard feelings, and revealed that he was an admirer of Kick-Ass.

Although Kick-Ass did not like Red Mist at first, the Mist Mobile convinced Kick-Ass to give him a chance. The two teamed up briefly, in which they both went into a burning building to save a woman's son. Reluctant at first, Red Mist followed Kick-Ass into the fire; when they discovered the son was actually a cat, Red Mist blamed Kick-Ass for putting them in danger. Despite this, Red Mist agreed to team up with Kick-Ass again in order to attack Johnny G's main headquarters with Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

Upon arriving at the headquarters, Red Mist knocks out Kick-Ass. His father then orders him to hide in the bathroom, where Kick-Ass seeks him out and beats him up in vengeance. Hit Girl then kills his father. The series ends with Red Mist declaring himself Kick-Ass' arch nemesis, and the very first "supervillain".


In April of 2010, Kick-Ass the movie will be released. So far, the Mist Mobile appears to be more suped up and of a different make and model in the movie. Red Mist also sports an elaborate mask, red spiked hair, and a neat leather suit with a black and red color scheme -- a much different costume from the plain red ninja-esque suit he wears in the comic book.

His name was also changed from Chris Genovesis to Chris D'Amico. With the name change, his entire family was also switched: Johnny G was changed to Frank D, and Frank now has a wife.

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