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Denise (Character)
from Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

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Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)
[Sherman is serenading Denise with the assistance of a crap Mexican band]
Sherman: Denise will you...
Buddy: Hey Sherman. You hear me Sherman?
Sherman: ...Denise will ya? Will ya? Let me come up there and put my beef in your taco?
Mexican band: [singing] Put his beef in your taco!
Denise: What?
Sherman: [Buddy cackles, Sherman's conscious comes back] Oh, no! No, no, no...
Sherman: That's not what I meant to say, Denise! That was just a little joke! I just wanted to see if you wanted to go out and get some Mexican food. That's why I said that.
Denise: Well I am kind of hungry, but I'm not-...
Sherman: Yeah, you are huh? Yeah, I bet you could stand for a big ol' whopper right now, huh?
Mexican band: [singing] A big ole whopper right now!
Denise's Nosy Neighbor: You're sick!
Sherman: Yeah, I got to tell you, I'm a Jumbo Jack man myself, if you know what I mean. Yeah and I'm loaded with secret sauce! Yeah, come on!
[Sherman does a perverted dance in front of a shocked Denise, and falls to the ground, sexually humping it]
Sherman: Bang that thing up! Yeah, come on! Come on! Make it funky!
Denise's Nosy Neighbor: You're gonna ruin my lawn, you pervert!

Mama Klump: [Answering door] Oh my, goodness! Is there a fire?
Fireman Stripper: Yes ma'am. I'm afraid there is.
Mama Klump: I don't smell no smoke.
Fireman Stripper: [Walks in and beings playing music from stereo] There's a fire in my pants, and it's getting muy caliente!
[begins stripping]
Party Guest, Party Guest, Bridesmaid, Denise: Ooh!
[laugh and clap]
Mama Klump: Ooh! Lord, have mercy! A strip - Oh, my! My mother must've arranged this!

Denise: Sherman you're very special to me.
Sherman Klump: [laughs, embarrassed and flattered] I didn't think you and I would ever, you know... How can I put it? 'Cos I'm...
Denise: Big.
Sherman Klump: Yeah, I was gonna say 'fat,' but 'big' is better.
Denise: Sherman, that doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that you're kind and decent. You are the most brilliant man I've ever known. And speaking of which, I shouldn't keep you from your research, so I'll catch up with you later?
Sherman Klump: Okay, I'll see you soon.
[she leaves]
Sherman Klump: [to himself] My goodness.

Sherman Klump: [to Denise] I just want to say I'm sorry. I never... never wanted to hurt you. Understand? I thought that if you knew Buddy was a part of me, I thought that you wouldn't have me then.
Denise: Sherman...
Sherman Klump: Hear me out... I should've had more faith in you. Should've had more faith in myself. But I...
Denise: Sherman? Sherman, what's wrong? Sherman!
Papa Klump: C'mon, can't you hear, son?
Denise: [persistent] Sherman, look at me! Who am I?
Sherman Klump: [without memory] Pretty lady!
Denise: [sobbing] Oh, honey!
[hugs Sherman]
Denise: It's going to be okay, I'll take care of you.
Sherman Klump: [gleefully, at same time] Oh, that's nice! Nice.
Papa Klump: Come on, let's get the boy home.
Sherman Klump: Nice lady!