Latif Yahia
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Latif Yahia (Character)
from The Devil's Double (2011)

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The Devil's Double (2011)
Uday Hussein: Didn't you once paint a picture of my father? You still have it?
Latif Yahia: I gave it to you.
Uday Hussein: I have an awful feeling I told him I did it myself.

Latif Yahia: [to Uday] You are asking me to extinguish myself.

Latif Yahia: I wrote to my mother once a week. She's going to think that I got killed in Iran.
Munem: Inshallah.
Latif Yahia: Inshallah? My family are going to think that I'm dead.
Munem: Let them think you died a martyr. I know it's difficult, but it's what Uday wants. He will accept nothing less.
Latif Yahia: She will be knocking on the door of every hospital in Baghdad.
Munem: When you say your prayers tonight, when you turn out the light and close your eyes, this is what you should be saying to yourself: "Latif Yahia is dead. He died in Iran. May God have mercy on him. Now I am Uday Saddam Hussein."

Uday Hussein: I had a word with Dr. Linz. He says your cock's too big. We need to make a surgical reduction.
Latif Yahia: A what?
Uday Hussein: Chop a bit off.
Latif Yahia: What?
Uday Hussein: Not much. Just a teeny-weeny.
Latif Yahia: Not much?
Uday Hussein: My cock is well-known in Baghdad. The women, they talk.
Uday Hussein: I'm just joking with you, you fuck!

Uday Hussein: Latif? I can't sleep.
Latif Yahia: Take a pill.

[after Uday has kidnapped a school-girl off the street]
Uday Hussein: Don't fucking look at me like that.
Latif Yahia: Like what?
Uday Hussein: Like that. I know that fucking look. I know what you're thinking. Think what the fuck you like. I like cunt. I want cunt. I see a cunt, I want to fuck it. I don't care. I love my country. I love my mother, father. But I love cunt more than I love God!