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Quotes for
General Curtis LeMay (Character)
from Thirteen Days (2000)

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Thirteen Days (2000)
General Curtis LeMay: Those goddamn Kennedys are gonna destroy this country if we don't do something about this!

General Curtis LeMay: The 'big Red dog' is diggin' in our backyard, and we are justified in shooting him!

General Curtis LeMay: Mr. President, the motto I chose for SAC is "Peace is Our Profession." Now, God forbid we find ourselves in a nuclear exchange, but, if launched, those missiles from Cuba would kill a lot of Americans. The very presence of those missiles gives the Soviets first-strike capability. Those missiles make a nuclear exchange more likely, and that is why I'm being such a pain in the ass about destroying them, and destroying them immediately.

General Curtis LeMay: You're in a pretty bad fix, Mr. President.
President Kennedy: What did you say?
General Curtis LeMay: You're in a pretty bad fix.
President Kennedy: Well, maybe you haven't noticed: You're in it with me.