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Olivia Lennox (Character)
from She's the Man (2006)

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She's the Man (2006)
Viola: [as Sebastian] I gotta be completely honest. The whole dissecting thing kinda freaks me out, so uh... I think you may have to take the reins on this one.
Olivia: Wow, most guys would have never admit that.
Viola: Oh crap! You're right.
Olivia: No, don't worry I think it's refreshing.
Viola: You do?
Malcolm: [interupts] No paper near the bunsen burner.
Viola: Wait!
Olivia: What's this? poems?
Viola: Lyrics. They're his... my, my old stuff.
Olivia: [reading] "Wake up I've been waiting for you".
Olivia: Those are really good. So honest.
Viola: I know. I keep telling him... me... meself... my... myself.
Malcolm: I write songs too, Olivia.
Olivia: Really? Wonderful.
Malcolm: Check it out.
Malcolm: I see you through your window, while I'm standing on a tree outside

Olivia: [to Viola at kissing booth] Beware the old guy chewing gum... it's not gum.

Olivia: You're right.
Viola: I know.
Olivia: The next time I see Sebastian, I am gonna march right up to him...
Viola: You march.
Olivia: ...I'm gonna tell him how I feel...
Viola: You tell him.
Olivia: ...and then I'm going to kiss him so passionately...
Viola: What?
Olivia: ...that even the people he hates will feel pleasure.

Olivia: We could double. I'm sure Eunice is available.
Eunice: I am so there, it's insane.

Monique: Hello, Viola.
Viola: Oh, boy. This isn't good.
Monique: And hello to you little... homewrecker.
Olivia: Uh, who are you?
Monique: I am Sebastian's girlfriend.
Viola: Ex-Girl-Friend.
Monique: Okay. Everybody's gotta stop saying that.
Olivia: Oh. You were the one he dumped at the pizza parlor the other day.
Monique: Nonononononono, he did not dump me. We're just going through a little bit of a rough patch.
Olivia: Oh? I heard he dumped you. He dumped you big. It was just like a big, huge dumping.